Production Worker Job Description and Its FAQ

For a factory, a production worker is an important position that will influence the whole running of the company. Based on the production worker job description, an individual in this position will produce and assemble kinds of products inside the factories. Then, they also operate and maintain the machines to make sure that the running of productions is stable.

Production Worker Job Description Template

Since a production worker plays an important role inside the factory, recruiting a talented production worker for a factory is very essential. Aproduction worker with high talent can lead to the running of the production. Then, it also could make the best strategies to maximize production.

To ease you –as the manager in recruiting a new production worker, using a template of the job description is interesting. A template here could be a reference to inspire you to write what the production worker needs to fulfill. By using a template, you also just need to edit the whole information, not starting from a blank document.

Production Worker Responsibilities

Handling the running of production becomes the main job of the production worker. However, they also have several other responsibilities to perform in laying on their position. The responsibilities of a production worker to be handled are:

  • Following the standards of health and safety
  • Maintaining the clean production floor
  • Assembling the parts and products
  • Following the specification and guidelines of production
  • Finalizing and packaging the products for shipment
  • Maintaining and operating the machinery and the line equipment of production
  • Monitoring the line of assembly and removing the failed production
  • Reporting any issues to the supervisor when on duty

Production Worker Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a production worker should fit with some standard requirements. The requirements that should be fulfilled by a candidate of a production worker in joining recruitment are:

  • GED or high school diploma for las education
  • Previous proven working experience in a factory
  • Proven experience in operating the machines of manufacturing
  • Ability to work with a team
  • Good basic math skills
  • Available to run a shifting work

Production Worker FAQ

What does a production worker do?

Maintaining the running of production becomes the main job of a production worker. However, they also need to maintain the condition of the machine, so the volume of production could be maximized. Then, they also need to coordinate with other departments in running the role.

Can I customize the uploaded production worker job description?

Yes, you can. The posted document here is a sample and it is made editable. You are free to change the information inside it based on the needs of your company. To edit the document, you just need to download it and then use Microsoft Word to edit it.

What should I include in the production worker job description?

The detailed requirements that a candidate of a production worker should fulfill become the main matter to be written inside a production worker job description. However, you also need to write about the facilities that a selected candidate will get.

Description: A production worker job description tells about the consideration of recruitment. This paper also becomes the reference to ease the process to get a new employee.


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