Medical Receptionist Job Description and Its FAQ

Inside the hospital or other health care centers, a medical receptionist run an essential role and it influences the whole service for the clients. Based on the medical receptionist job description, a person in this position has a function to coordinate the daily administration of doctor, staff, visitors, and others. Besides, they also control the appointments and answer the calls.

Medical Receptionist Job Description Template

A Medic receptionist should have excellent organizational and administrative skills. That is why a recruiter should be careful to recruit a new medical receptionist. Through recruiting a talented agent, there is a guarantee that the responsibilities of a medical receptionist could be done greatly.

A template can be a helper for the recruiter. Through this document, a recruiter could know the standard of a talented medical receptionist to be recruited. On another hand, they also could write detailed requirements inside the document.

Another benefit of a template is it shapes all the needs of the recruitment process. By using a template, you do not need to make the recruitment document from a blank document. All you –as the recruiter, need to do is changing and personalizing information inside it.

Medical Receptionist Responsibilities

Controlling the appointment and organizing the daily needs of the doctor and staff become two main responsibilities of a medical receptionist. However, a professional medical receptionist should other important responsibilities in running their jobs, such as:

  • Greeting and attending to patients in person and via phone
  • Assisting the doctor, staff, visitors, and patients professionally
  • Maintaining the inventory of the business, such as checking supplies, maintenance repairs, and scheduling equipment
  • Answering all phone calls in a courteous and professional manner
  • Performing all duties based on the HIPAA regulations
  • Maintaining the information of all doctor, staff, patients, and others confidentially
  • Scheduling appointment between patients and doctors
  • Liaising between the departments of medical with professionalism and discretion
  • Adhering to policy and procedure in doing all activities
  • Assisting the doctor and other staff through the best protocols
  • Communicating the medical results to the patients under the supervisions
  • Completing the documentation of patients accurately

Medical Receptionist Requirements

To handle all mentioned responsibilities, a candidate for a medical receptionist should cover some requirements in joining the recruitment process. Some requirements to be fulfilled are:

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Certificate of administration
  • Experience at a healthcare facility in a medical receptionist role
  • Working knowledge of HIPAA regulations, ICD, CPT coding, and medical terminology
  • Innovative thinker and have strong conceptual
  • High problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to do multi-task
  • Strong organizational, administrative, and planning skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Reacting effectively to emergencies
  • Ability to use discretion while working with sensitive information
  • Excellent documentation, communication, and IT skills

Medical Receptionist FAQ

What are the main duties of a medical receptionist?

Managing the running activities inside the health care center is the main duty of a medical receptionist. Then, they also need to coordinate with other staff to maximize the services.

Is the posted medical receptionist job description editable?

Of course, it is. The posted document on this page is editable. You just need to download the medical receptionist job description and then change detailed information inside it.


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