Mail Handler Assistant Job Description and Its Requirements

For a mail company, a mail handler assistant becomes an important agent with some essential roles. An individual in this position will have tasks to arrange heavy lifting, loading, and others. These are some big jobs inside the mail handler assistant job description that this agent should handle. That is why a mail handler assistant should have a fit and strong physique.

Mail Handler Assistant Job Description Template

Processing mail becomes the main task of a mail handler assistant. Since this agent has an important job and it will influence the running of the company, of course, having a talented mail handler assistant is very important. Through a talented mail handler assistant, all jobs inside the company could be handled well.

That is why a manager or HR should be selective in the recruitment process. For recruitment, using a job description template of a mail handler assistant could be a solution. The template will show what information to be included and it can be a simple reference.

Then, for a candidate of a mail handler assistant, English skills become the first ability that they need to have. Then, an agent also should be able to check numbers and names quickly and accurately.

Mail Handler Assistant Responsibilities

Managing the mails and its relevant jobs become the main task of a mail handler assistant. However, they need to perform some other responsibilities to handle. The responsibilities of a mail handler assistant are:

  • Making occasional deliveries for the customers, clients, or partners
  • Keeping clean and neat of the work area
  • Operating the copy machine and other equipment from the office to run the working
  • Distributing detailed mails to the various carriers
  • Preparing the large batches of the distribution of mails
  • Sorting and canceling mails using the kinds of relevant machines
  • Loading and unloading trucks

Mail Handler Assistant Requirements

To handle all responsibilities as mentioned before, a candidate for a new mail handler assistant should fulfill some requirements as the standard for self-quality. The requirements also could be the point to select the skilled mail handler assistant.

Some requirements of a candidate of a mail handler assistant to be fulfilled are:

  • Good health
  • Physically fitness
  • Must be free from drug
  • Availability to work at the weekends and the night shift
  • Proven experiences in related field will be preferred

Mail Handler Assistant FAQ:

What does email handler assistant do?

Managing the mail becomes the main job of a mail handler assistant. However, they also should do some other responsibilities, including making collaboration with other staff to finish some jobs.

Can I customize the available mail handler assistant job description?

Of course, you can. The posted document here is editable. To edit the document, you need to download it first. Then, renew the information inside the document based on the need of your company using Microsoft Word.

What to include in making a mail handler assistant job description?

To make a good mail handler assistant job description, the information about this job should be written completely. Then, do not forget to include the facilities of a mail handler assistant that they will get after the selection.

Description: A mail handler assistant job description will be useful to recruit a new agent. This document will be useful to make sure that recruitment is running well.


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