Teacher Job Description and Its Requirements

A teacher is an important agent of learning. They handle the learning system of school, academy, and others. Yes, as part of a teacher job description, they have a responsibility to prepare the lesson plan and educate the students at all levels. The duties of the teachers include assigning the homework, grading tests, and documenting the progress of the students in a specific period.

Teacher Job Description Template

For those who want to recruit a new teacher to fulfill the agent of teaching, finding the template of a teacher job description is important. A template will be useful to help you who want to make a detailed recruitment paper. Through a template, you just need to renew the information inside a paper.

When a candidate wants to join to be a good teacher, they need to have a high passion for teaching and the ability to interest the students in the learning process. On another hand, a candidate of teacher also should have a good skill in preparing the lesson, planning the new targets of education, and others.

To be a successful teacher, a candidate must have deep knowledge of teaching and could practice it in front of the students. Besides, excellent communication skills in both written and verbal should be had by a candidate.

Teacher Responsibilities

The main task of a teacher is teaching and asking the students to learn about the prepared materials. However, to make a clear detail, these are some other responsibilities of a teacher that a candidate should know. The responsibilities are:

  • Developing and issuing the education contents, including tests, notes, and assignments
  • Supervising the classes and make sure that all students are learning in save and productive environment
  • Organizing the supplies and resources for the presentations and lecturing
  • Planning and implementing educational activities
  • Ensuring the classroom is always clean
  • Preparing and distributing the reports of periodic progress and the report cards for a semester
  • Attending the meetings with parents
  • Evaluating and documenting the progress of students

Teacher Requirements

These are some requirements that a candidate of the teacher should know before joining the selection. The requirements to be known are:

  • Minimally bachelor degree in education or teaching or relevant fields
  • 2-years minimal experiences as a teacher
  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Well-organized and having high abilities in leadership
  • Outstanding skills of communication both verbal and written
  • In-depth knowledge about the methods of teaching

Teacher FAQ

What tasks does the teacher do?

As its name, the main task of a teacher is teaching. They should lead the learning process inside and outside the classroom. Besides, a teacher also should prepare the learning planning, so the goal of learning could be reached.

Can I customize the uploaded sample of the teacher job description?

Yes, you can. All posted document here is editable. To edit the job description of a teacher, download the document and then use the word application to edit it. Of course, you could renew the information inside it based on the detail that you want.

What should I include in making this job description?

All information about the teacher job description should be written there. Besides, you also need to include the facilities that a teacher will get, especially the number of salaries.

Description: A teacher job description will show what a candidate of a teacher should have before joining the recruitment phase. Write it clearly to get a high-quality teacher.


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