Teacher Assistant Job Description and Its FAQs

A teacher assistant sometimes is needed. It provides support to lead teachers to charge the running of learning time inside the classroom. This position is also known as teacher aides. A teacher assistant has some tasks as creating lesson plans, documenting progress, and others. That is why knowing about the teacher assistant job description before recruiting is needed.

Teacher Assistant Job Description Template

When you are a human resource or manager of school and want to recruit a new teacher assistant for a better learning system, of course knowing the job description template of a teacher assistant is very essential. This document will influence the result of recruitment.

Something that you need to know, a teacher assistant has some important tasks to be done. The tasks of a teacher assistant are supervising students, developing the planning of the lesson, preparing the learning materials, and others. That is why you need to be selective in recruiting a teacher assistant.

The successful candidate also should enjoy with the children and could control their emotions. By good communication skills in both verbal and non-verbal, a teacher assistant could be a great figure to maximize the learning project.

Teacher Assistant Responsibilities

A teacher assistant has some important responsibilities to be known, as:

  • Working with the lead teacher to monitor the schedule of class and the learning time
  • Assisting the teacher in preparing the lesson. A teacher assistant should get the materials of the learning ready before the lead teacher
  • Revise the lesson material by making a small group discussion
  • Ensure the whole environment of classroom safe and clean
  • Overseeing the students outside the classroom times
  • Collaborating with the lead teachers to recognize some issues about the students and find some solutions for the problems
  • Documenting the progress of the students and communicate it with the parents of the students
  • Help the lead teacher in making the planning lesson
  • Attending the faculty meetings, the parent conferences, and others

Teacher Assistant Requirements

Formulating the requirements in recruiting the teacher assistant is needed. Through the requirement, you could find the bestteacher assistant to fill the position. Some requirements to be known in recruiting teacher assistant are:

  • High school diploma in minimal or equivalent qualification
  • Bachelor’s degree in education is preferred
  • Having two years of experiences as an assistant of a teacher or a similar role
  • Solid understanding of the detailed activities of classroom and best practice in teaching
  • Positive attitude and manner
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Outstanding presentation and interpersonal abilities

Teacher Assistant FAQs

What does the teacher assistant do?

The main task of a teacher assistant is to assist the lead teacher. A teacher assistant will help the lead teacher to make good lesson planning, manage the schedule, and others.

Can I edit the uploaded teacher assistant job description?

Of course, you can. The uploaded job description here is easy to be edited. You may download it and add some information that is needed.

Do you have interview questions for this recruitment?

Besides providing the teacher assistant job description, these are some samples of the interview questions. You could find it on the other side of this part.

Description: A teacher assistant job description becomes a document to be known when you want to make a good recruitment system, so the learning will be running well.


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