Lesson Plan For 1st Grade Template


The Lesson Plan For 1st Grade To Keep The Attention

The lesson should cover multiple objectives but still focus. Can you just imagine it? The lesson for 1st grade has to a guideline to make your class is conducive and running well as your plan.

The other crucial you have watched is to keep students’ attention as always. Keep the student engaged is challenging because they are easy to get bored. Some ideas such as involve them in song activities are effective but if you don’t have other things that are monotone.


5 Tips To Make Students Attention

The tips to make students’ attention are here. Mind this for your better teacher carrier!

  1. Plan a range of activities. They are young learners that have relatively short attention spans. In the classroom, it is worst to have the whole class full of materials for a long time because they will have different interests and levels.
  2. Pay attention to their mood. You can engage them in the mix-up dynamics. It will be like to have a combination of individual head-down work, pair work, group work, and discussion or games. Be selective and use those activities alternately.
  3. Peer teaching. Peer teaching will push their responsibility and allowing them to take more active learning. Let them set the way activity on the class by discussing with their pairs even small groups.
  4. Use ice break activity. Ice breaks are short physical activities even games designed to get the body re-energize so that they ready for learning again.
  5. Manage the class. You still have a chance to lose the students’ attention so follow these techniques if it happens:
  • Walk around the classroom
  • Stand next to or behind student
  • Have a code word

Honestly, if you want your students to be more motivated and involved, you must show your enthusiasm for what you are teaching. Besides that, as I have mentioned, I also have some ideas to create a lesson plan for 1st grade. The materials are basic and such introduction of reading and writing, science, and social studies.


3 Ideas Of 1st Grade Lesson Plan

Without any further due, here the points for the 1st-grade lesson plan.

  1. Reading and writing: Vowels Games of A-I-U-E-O

objective is to be able to identify vowels. The first step is to ask the students to mention what the vowels of the alphabet are. Second, write it (A-I-U-E-O) on the board.

  1. Science: My Body

This simple lesson plan for 1st grade will help your students to determine some common body parts. You can put it on a song, tell the students to review their body parts. Repeat if needed.

  1. Social studies: What Is Good Citizen?

The purpose is to make students understand what makes a good citizen, why we have rules, and why we need to obey the authority. Start by asking their opinion about mean to be a good citizen. Then, request them to give examples of how to be a good citizen.  

I hope this article it’s enough to give you some insights about the 1st-grade lesson plan that lives the class. Good luck!

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