Substitute Teacher Job Description and its FAQs

A substitute teacher usually will perform in classroom management especially for teachers that are absent for a day or longer period time. In other words, a substitute teacher will backup to teach service when a full-time teacher cannot work. If we look at the role of this job, it has an important role in the school. Therefore, creating a substitute teacher job description can be complicated.

The substitute teacher job description template 

Since the role of a substitute teacher is important, creating a job description for a substitute teacher should be careful. Here, we are searching for confident and also experienced substitute teachers to join especially if you have a friendly and competent professional with interest in education.

Besides, the duties of this job are like assigning the homework, handling the classroom activities, and also amassing the reports. Moreover, the substitute assignments can be only a day, a week, or sometimes for longer periods. It will depend on the absence of the regular teacher.

Therefore, this job also will need in-depth knowledge of effective teaching practice. You have to make sure that the learning process is comfortable and it also has a meaningful experience. We also will require a candidate that has great communication with solid command.

The responsibilities of the substitute teacher

There are substitute teacher responsibilities descriptions that should be known, those are:

  • Follow the regular teacher’s lesson plans that will ensure the consistency and optimal learning
  • Follow to the curriculum and also lesson plans assigned the regular teacher
  • Adhere procedures and achieve lesson goals
  • Monitor the student outside of the classroom such as in the hallways and cafeteria
  • Obey all school regulations and policies at all time
  • Make lesson plans, grade classwork, homework, and exams and attend parent-teacher conferences in the long term sub assignment
  • Monitor the normal classroom rhythms and activities
  • Collect a report for the teachers for when they return

The requirement of the substitute teacher

There are some substitute teacher requirement descriptions that should be fulfilled, including:

  • High school diploma or equal qualification
  • Bachelor’s degree in teaching is ideal
  • Certificate in teaching or substitute teaching
  • Experience to teach minimally 2 years in a similar role
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexible, friendly and good at establishing the quick rapport with students
  • Set the proper tone from the beginning of classroom management
  • Have to be detail-oriented and capable to follow written and verbal instruction

The substitute teacher FAQs;

What does a substitute teacher do?

The main tasks of a substitute teacher are providing a backup teaching service especially when the full-time teacher is not able to work. Besides, the substitute teachers also have to monitor, observe, and report the student behavior suitable for the policies and the procedures of the school.

Can I customize the substitute teacher?

You also can customize our substitute teacher job description document here. The format of this job description is editable so that you can add some requirements or responsibilities suitable to your school. You can get the substitute teacher job description by clicking the download button easily.

Description: a substitute teacher job description is important to arrange because it will provide a satisfaction process to get a new candidate to be a substitute teacher.


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