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How To Create A Great Lesson Plan Sample

Making a great lesson plan may take time, dedication, and an understanding of student abilities and aims. The teacher conducts the lesson plan as outlined in the plan to achieve the objective of each material.

5 Step To Start The Lesson Plan Sample

First, the question is how to make a great lesson plan so it will be useful. I hope you already understand but if still not yet, I have the best step.

  1. Know the students

Keep in mind that you alter any activities. It will depend on the amount of time and size of the class.

  1. Set the learning objectives

The learning objectives are affirmations that provide a detailed description of what the student will be able to achieve in class. The statement should be incisive. It is your role to help the student understand how to use the information they will learn during the lesson plan sample.

  1. Write the objective for the lesson

Make a shape of prior material you wish to deliver in class. The overview will convenient as the base which the lesson will be teaching.

  1. Make a timeline

Do not waste the time so you can build a timeline as a schedule based on the curriculum. It allows you to speed up or slow down the topic depending on the amount of time that remains.

Lesson Plan Sample

  1. Senior high school lesson plan sample: Economic topic
  • Set the objective. Example: understanding the idea of perfect competition by mapping the number of buyers or sellers, the existence of identical products, informants levels of buyers or sellers, and free-market entry or exit.
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Procedure: ask the student about perfect competition in economic would be. Request that they give you examples of products they use often. Take several of those examples and draw a chart at the board. Divide the class into as many groups as you have sample products and assign each group product research. Give them 10 minutes to do this. Get a representative from each group to come up with the front of the board and record their conclusion.
  • Homework: read the next chapter.
  1. College lesson plans sample: English 101
  • Set the objective: take on Shakespearean prose from a different angle, begin preparation for a midterm.
  • Time: 1 hour.
  • Materials: copies of Shakespeare’s hamlet, copies of Thomas C. Foster’s how to read literature like a professor, pen, paper.
  • Procedure: assign a different line from the play to each student using the prepared list of good, analyzable lines. Students should think about the implications of theirs, both in context and practically alone. Don’t forget to make connections to other works. Once they’ve generated some original thoughts, the student should look more thoroughly at the play itself and Foster’s. Talk about a few of the lines as a class. Give them the remaining class time to begin writing an essay.
  • Homework: finish and type up essays.

Hopefully, those lesson plan sample works on you!

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