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Easy Steps To Create Homeschool Lesson Plans

Before I begin explaining the steps, let me first tell you why homeschool lesson plans are important. The lesson plan helps you keep the big vision visible. It means they give you the opportunity to set academic goals for your children. The plan gives you a guide for being responsible. This can be a quick reference to glance and ensure that you are on the right track to teach what needs to be taught. Planning may require some extra time in advance, but it will pay off in the long run.


Steps To Create Homeschool Lesson Plans

  1. Planning step 1: Determine the school year

The first step that you must follow in creating homeschool lesson plans is to decide what your school year will be like. You can consider the school’s day off, a state requirement that must follow, what kind of works that suit your family. Once you consider all of that, take a calendar and begin marking. First, mark the start and end days (semester or blocks). Next, mark all of the holidays that have been decided. After you set the calendar, you are ready for the next step.


  1. Planning step 2: Determine the school week

The next step is to decide what your school week will look like. Arrange this curriculum you have chosen. In this step, you also consider the “core” courses, what courses will require more work, courses that must be taught every day or not, how long the children can stay focused, what time the course should begin, etc. After that remove the weekly calendar and mark your school day. When it will start, when it will end, plan your entire day based on what you have decided will work best for your family.


  1. Planning step 3: Determine how everything will be recorded until course runs

After you have an overview of how each day looks on the weekly calendar, look at each course and see how much material is available to discuss. In this step there also a few things that must consider first. Like about how many chapters, how long will it takes to discuss each chapter, what chapters that are not important and can be cut. After you determine the things that should or can be closed, start making a basic timeline of the chapter using paper, pencil or pen, and calendar. Do this for each course you plan to teach.


  1. Planning step 4: Instructional lesson

The last step in making a home school lessons of the plans. The instructional lesson plan is a plan that details what will be done each day. Since you have decided how your week will be divided like what subjects you want to teach on what day, making a lesson plan is more like putting everything in it. 

Here are the step in creating homeschool lesson plans, although there are many things to consider the result is quite promising.

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