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Learning About How To Create A Career Plan Template

To find out the best work, you must take the initiative to explore it yourself. Find several jobs that fit your qualifications and the range of salary you will get for various jobs.

You can also find out more about these careers by taking internships and part-time jobs. The more career plan template you use, the better your preparation for finding the first job.

Steps To Create A Career Plan Template

Learning how to write a career plan is one way to get to know yourself better. In planning your career, you are acquainted with your vision, analyzing your skills, strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and other things about yourself. Then you start to plan and move to realize your vision for the future.

1.  Determine your vision

Begin career planning by knowing your vision. Vision, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is a view of the future. Your vision is about yourself in the future, 5 to 10 years into the future. If you are an employee who does not know exactly what your vision is, ask yourself what you want in the future.

Imagine what you will become in the next few years. If it’s still hard to imagine for up to 5 years or 10 years, start with a vision of 2 to 3 years. Defining a vision for the next few years is not like choosing the clothes you will wear today. After determining a vision, you need to test it, whether it is what you want in the future.

2.  Get to know yourself: strengths and weaknesses

After determining your vision, the next step in creating a career plan template is knowing yourself by looking at your strengths and weaknesses. This is indeed rather difficult because sometimes strength is more often seen than weakness. To get an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, ask for opinions from some close friends.

3.  Review of past achievements

The biggest challenge of an employee is to record the rewards or achievements that he gained while working. Reviewing work achievements or past achievements will provide an overview of your past and present that is very helpful for future planning. The results of a review of work achievements will make you more familiar with yourself and know things that make you proud and happy.

4.  Trend analysis and job opportunities

Having information about career trends and job opportunities is crucial for the success of long-term career planning. A career can develop now and shrink next month or the year ahead.

Analyzing trends and job opportunities are very important to see where job growth is expected, especially in the career fields that interest you most. 

In your career plan template, you need to take your time to get to know yourself, see opportunities outside yourself, plan for the future, act according to plan, evaluate them regularly, and learn about how to write a career development plan. Don’t rush to make it. If needed, consult with personnel so that your career planning is better.

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