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How to Make Individual Development Plan Templates

The individual development plan templates are a written tool showing the purpose of your career that you want to achieve and the steps you can do to take action for reaching it. It is also a tool or template to identify, organize, and plan your career. The advantage of an individual development plan for the company is to align company and business training with the company’s vision, mission, and goals. The employee is responsible for the implementation and success of the plan. If properly and sustainably implemented, it will benefit employees and the company.

An individual development template is important to make because it can focus you on the goal achievement that you have decided. It is also to identify your assignment or job, to help you in looking for a fund scholarship, training, etc. Some departments ask individual development as part of a professional development program of the employees.


So, How To Make An Individual Development Plan Template?

There is no right way theoretically to develop employee development plans. However, effective planning contains a minimum of key elements. There are four steps to contain the individual development plan templates. Let me know you under the following subheadings:

  1. Motivation

This column you can contain it with the points about the improvement of your career professional and aspiration.

  1. Skills

In this part, you are asked to mention your main competition which is interrelated to your position. This is something interesting because individual development plan templates in the future will focus on the strong aspects rather than the low ones.

  1. Development possibility

This is about what ability or knowledge you need to develop to be effective in achieving your goals. For instance, specific competence relates to your profession or work. It can be said as the support competence of the main competence.

  1. Action plan

The last part mentions about your consideration and anything you know well about yourself. Then you arrange the actions on how you can do to achieve it in detail and well organize. It is divided into three main parts that consist of 70% about steps to take action like project assignments, 20% about the learning from the up liner maybe from your coach or whoever gives you a piece of new knowledge, and then the last 10% is about you learning autonomously.  

The individual development plan templates are made on a sheet so it will be simple, not wordy. It only contains the big points of what you have to do in brief and clear. The core point of the individual development plan is the simple performance, the strong philosophy as its basic, and the autonomous to make individual development plan program. Some you should be noticed is that you have to know yourself, do implementable action plan against your strengths and weaknesses to make your performance be improved in your organization or company.

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