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An infant lesson plan is an essential learning plan for children’s competence development by using songs, cards, and other media or tools. For every child, every time is a happy time. They can explore their ability, curiosity, and anything that they want to know in their surrounding areas. The parents are their teachers. They have to make a plan for their children’s development to optimal their competence.

Early childhood learning is essentially the development of a concrete curriculum in the form of a set of plans that contain several learning experiences through play provided to young children based on the potential and developmental tasks that must be mastered to achieve the competencies possessed by children. In making an infant lesson plan four points should be included and pay more attention that consists of designing a learning atmosphere in which it can arouse students’ interest for learning, you may sticky learning media on the wall. Then, you should carry out learning that can stimulate children’s interest and does not need to be arranged in strict order, and setting that the arrangements for the further learning processes are set in the guidelines for managing the learning process.


What about the Principles of an infant Lesson plan?

The following are the principles of developing an infant lesson plan that must be understood by infants’ educators:

  1. Meeting Children’s Learning Needs

In addition to paying attention to the stages of child development, learning plans must also be able to meet the learning needs of children individually because each child has a different learning style. Although in general children in certain age groups are in the same stage of development, but in reality, every child has their peculiarities. Therefore, in preparing the learning plan it is also necessary to pay attention to the individual characteristics of the child.

  1. Comprehensive (covering all aspects of development)

The planned learning plan must cover all aspects of child development including moral and religious, social, emotional, and independence, language, cognitive, physical/motor, and arts as a fun learning unit.

  1. Optimizing Environmental Potential

One of the goals of an infant lesson plan is to develop the children’s ability to recognize the surrounding environment. In other words, children are expected to be sensitive to the environment in which they live. Children can see the environment as a center of learning resources, as a potential that must be optimized and as a vehicle that must be preserved. Therefore the development of learning plans for infants must be rooted in the environment around children. 

If you are a parent or infant educator, it needs you all to make an infant lesson plan because it is so helpful in exploring or developing children’s abilities. All that they gain during childhood will be brought and anchor in their mind that then it will be their background knowledge. Do you want to make an infant lesson plan so your children’s activity will be programmed? Start it from now.

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