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About Components In The Elementary Lesson Plan

The task of a teacher in a school is, of course, teaching his students a variety of subjects according to the applicable curriculum. If you are also a teacher, you certainly know what it’s like to teach children especially those of you who are teachers in elementary school. Schoolteacher teaches a variety of things from very basic things that are introducing letters of the alphabet, numbers, counting, reading, and others. To facilitate the teacher in teaching and learning activities, it is necessary to make an elementary lesson plan. The plan can be used as a reference when you teach your students the class.


Some Components In The Elementary Lesson Plan

Making elementary lesson plans shouldn’t be haphazard because there are their own rules. It must contain several important components as below.


1.  Basic competencies

Basic competencies can be interpreted as knowledge, abilities, or minimal attitudes that must be mastered by students in school. For example, grade 1 students must be able to read. It means that all grade 1 students must be able to read so that when they finish class 2 they already meet the basic competencies that exist in the elementary lesson plans that have been set.

2.  Standard material

In the elementary lesson plans, there are standard material components. That is the planned subject matter is a learning material that will be taught in class by the needs and abilities of students, containing a functional and practical value.


3.   Learning Activities

Learning activities show how you as a teacher deliver material to students. Both from the introduction, presentation, until the closing. Learning activities in the elementary lesson plans teach the standard material that has been planned.


4.  Learning methods

The next component of the elementary lesson plan is the learning method. The point is the method that you use when teaching your students in the class. For example lecture methods, questions and answers, discussions, and others.


5.  Learning media

In teaching and learning activities learning media are needed in the delivery of material to students. In the elementary lesson plans can be written learning media in the form of books, laptops, computers, pictures, and others. So, the media that you might use in class.


6.  Learning resources

Learning resources are the origin of the material that you convey to students. In elementary lesson plans usually learning resources can be from a resource person such as lecturers and can also be from books, scientific journals, internet, etc.

7.  Time allocation

In addition to the components mentioned above, the elementary lesson plans also include the allocation of time needed to teach the various materials that you have. Time is usually written in minutes and written in the sequence of stages of learning activities. For example, sixth grade English lesson plans will be held for 45 minutes/meeting.

Elementary lesson plans can be written by themselves or discuss with other teachers. Every teacher certainly knows how to write lesson plans so they can be made together. The goal is to exchange opinions and determine plans that are in line with students later. In making it very consider the potential and ability of students. So, the resulting planning is by students.

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