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The Tips To Overcome Mistakes of Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is a daily teacher’s guideline for what will the student learn, the ways to teach, and the measurement after the learning process. This article have several pieces of information to ensure your guideline is effective. The most important that you have to remember is add these points to your outline.

  1. Lesson objective

You can use “smart” as one of your objectives. Then, break down the “smart” it is into these fundamental points: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and align with the student’s class period.

  1. Related requirement

It is a curriculum that dictates you to what you must teach. It may be different every national, state, even school.

  1. Lesson materials

The teacher should put on lesson materials such as student handouts, textbooks, etc in the lesson plan.

  1. Lesson procedure

You need step-by-step instruction that pilot all the teaching processes from the students enter the class till the end semester.

  1. Lesson measurement

Start your class with dozens of ways to test student learning. Some of the most common assessments include a quiz, writing assignment, group presentation, and homework.

  1. Lesson reflection

It will be a list of what you have done in class. Such a review to take notes on how to improve a lesson after it has been completed.

Because each part lesson plan plays a role in learning, it is to approach them with a clear plan.

Common Mistake of Teaching Strategies to Avoid

The unclear lesson plan leads you to the worst situation in class. So that avoids these things into your teaching career.

  1. The materials are unnecessary

You create a bunch of random materials and supplies that are unnecessary to your prior objective is a nightmare! List a few topics that you will teach and need. Never think “The more, the better”.

  1. Too much busywork

Choose a few activities that correlate with the lesson plan but meaningful. Don’t waste your time. The chapter of the materials is waiting.

  1. The assessment can’t provide the objective

When the assessment section is not connected with your related requirement because you do not accurately write down the lesson plan. Be specific and detail about your student assessment. If they fail to understand the materials it is absolutely because you can’t provide them a proper task to improve them.

  1. Instruction is confusing the student

Some direct instructions can be not efficient because you are not successfully described how you will taking over students through it. Use these questions to mark what will you do next: “how can I engage and encourage classroom participation?” “How I can find the learning styles of all students?” “What can I do to make sure I am providing all of my students?”. 

Hoping that it will ease your process to make a lesson plan. If you have other things that I’ve missed, just put it in the comment section below.

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