Use Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template


Use Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template to Look More Professional

If you wonder to know who is Madeline Hunter and her lesson plan, this article will tell you about them since the use of the Madeline Hunter lesson plan template is wide-spread. This kind of lesson plan models helps you to maintain the administration of teaching to conduct the well-managed instructions in the classroom.

There is the blank 7 step lesson plan template that is beneficial to be adjusted based on your needs in composing the lesson plan for your instructions. Get to know closer to the template of a lesson plan in this article.


What Is A Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template?

Madeline Hunter is well-known due to her contribution to the teaching field. She made teaching for teachers to become an easy job to do. Thanks to her lesson plan that could be applied for the other teachers who get difficulty in arranging it one. If you are one of them, you can use the lesson plan template, Madeline Hunter, to make your teaching easier.

The design of this plan template is an easy-to-use one so that teachers could set out the instructions well. The template consists of the components that are useful to understand how the instructions will be conducted. Below are pieces of information about the template you should know.

 1. The Components of Madeline Hunter lesson plan template

There are essential components that Madeline Hunter lesson plan template offers to the teachers. They are:

  • The objectives of the instruction are vital. In the template, there is the section to write the objectives that are to set the goals teachers would achieve after classes.
  • The anticipatory set is about the strategy of teachers in engaging the students in the knowledge transferred. It is also about the preparation of the material the teacher would deliver.
  • The input is a crucial part of the template. It is about how teachers impart knowledge to the students.
  • The modeling is to show the methods of teaching in demonstrating the skills that the students have to acquire.
  • The checking section is to determine how far students absorb and understand the material taught.
  • The guided practice is to accommodate the strategy used for students in practicing the material.
  • The independent practice is about the strategy used by teachers to trigger the students in performing the material without assistance.

Those are about the components of the lesson plan template.

 2. What Do Pros and Contras Say about the Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template?

The pros state that this model brings benefits that it is considered as the drill and practice tool. It serves excellent content of the lesson plan that supports the students’ needs.

The contras argue that this is not appropriate for the gifted students since it is about to repeat the materials. So, it is considered as a boring lesson plan for them.  

Before teachers use the Madeline Hunter lesson plan template, make sure that the students’ needs have been recognized. So, this template will be more effective in setting out the instructions.

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