10+ Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Example


Teaching Curriculum Vitae Sample Example

As a candidate, you want the employer to notice your potential through your resume. Meanwhile, you are competing with other best candidates which are limiting your chance to get hired. This is why writing a resume needs a strategy. If you are still wondering how to write the resume properly, then you can read our short tips and download the teaching curriculum vitae sample and example on this page.

The Sample of Teaching Curriculum Resume

Maximilian Buntoro

Personal Info

Phone: (444) 156-156-098

Email: maximilian.buntoro@gmail.com


Highly dedicated and result-oriented high school teacher with more than 5 years experience teaching for 10th and 11h grade levels. California State certification and New York TESOL certificate. Improved students’ English mastery by 30% and succeeded in bringing a student to be the first winner of a national debate competition.


High School Teacher – English Teacher

May 2017-April 2020

  • Technical Education High School, California
  • Creating teaching media for speaking, listening, writing, and reading activities
  • Staying up to date with the latest curriculum and adjusting it with the teaching media and lesson plan
  • Creating lesson plan based on the curriculum and standard competencies
  • Teaching additional topics related to the students major in the school

High School Teacher – English Teacher

May 2015-April 2017

Santo Yosef High School, California

  • Setting up classroom management
  • Assisting and tutoring students in doing debate activities
  • Creating relevant lesson plan and teaching media
  • Creating assessment to know students’ mastery of English skills


  • Bachelor of English Education in TESOL
  • California State University, California, US

Completion: 2014

GPA: 3.9

Relevant Coursework: Education Management, Administration, Public Speaking

Membership: StritKidz Teachers

Key Skills:

  • Leadership
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson plan, teaching media, and curriculum planning
  • Compassion and empathy


  • Favorite English Debate Instructor, 2016
  • Favorite Teacher in Santo Yosef High School, 2017


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

How To Write An Outstanding Teaching CV?

Writing a CV with a template is not enough. You should know what to prioritize on your document so the hiring manager can spot your potential directly. At least do the following tips for an outstanding CV:

  • Presenting yourself properly such as showing the experience, knowledge, skills, and educational background
  • Emphasize the skills specifically
  • Describe the teaching methodology
  • Create a good cover letter
  • Always be careful with the grammar

What Is The Best Resume Format To Use For A Teacher?

There is no exact rule on what kind of resume format works the best for a teacher. The only thing that you can do is make sure you list down all of your skills and other important details on the document. Some people prefer using a functional resume that focuses more on skills than experience. This is considered to be the most ideal format. The reason for using this format is simply using specific skills and another innovative things.

How To Write My First Resume or CV?

For fresh graduates or someone who has no experience, writing a resume or CV can be very challenging. With all competitors who have so much experience, the fresh graduates and people with no experience should think out loud about what to offer to get hired. If you are one of them, try to emphasize the soft skills, certification, and some activities related to teaching. Maybe you can put apprentice, or volunteer works. Don’t forget to also mention your soft skills that are required in a teacher. For example a strong empathy, ability to work under pressure, friendliness, compassion, etc.

Kinds Of Teaching Curriculum Templates

Luckily there are countless teaching curriculum templates that you can download for free. Now you have no more excuse for not giving your best in your CV because these templates mostly help and guide you in writing a proper resume or CV. Here are some of the best templates that you can download for free.

Academic Teaching CV Sample

However, finding a template that comes in a professional design is very tricky. Some templates just come with standard details and it requires you to have complete edit after all. This template is different. It is designed professionally for a job in the academic field.

Teaching Curriculum Vitae Format

If you often wonder about what is the right format on a CV, well there is no valid proof that you have to write a CV in a certain way. The only thing that makes a CV is considered professional is its simplicity and the complete information needed. This template helps you create your best CV for free.

Volunteer Teaching CV Template

If you are applying for a volunteer job, still you need to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate. This template helps you create a professional one with a simple layout yet with complete detail.

Professional Teaching CV Template

At the professional level, don’t let yourself lose the chance because you make an unprofessional CV. Use this template to show your best qualifications and potential as a teacher.

School Teaching CV Template

This template is versatile to use whether you want to apply as an elementary or high school teacher. What makes this template the best is its simple design with a functional format that emphasizes your skills over experience, which is the most hiring manager will look at in this section.

First Teaching CV Template

This is the lucky thing you will enjoy if you are living during the internet era. You can pick any kind of template based on your need, including for the candidates without experience. With this template, you can show your best qualifications even though you have no experience yet.

Teaching Experience CV Template

When you have some experience in teaching, you might want to show your teaching records through a CV. Well, you can do that if you use our teaching experience CV sample. This template comes with the original example making it easier for you to write your version.

Sample Teaching CV Template

Are you in need of a sample? Then you need to download this one. It is one of the best templates that you can download for free which comes with an example. It is now easier for you to write a CV in a professional format.


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