10+ Fresher Resume Template


Fresher Resume Template

Nowadays, many organizations offer entry-level positions for newly graduated students or even first-year students, which are known as fresher. The chance of getting work experience is given to them so that they receive real-life work experience before they graduated. It can be a good way for fresher to earn allowances and get used to the work pattern.

The range of career for fresher is also widely spread from the kinds of job that require you to go to the company daily or a job that doesn’t require going to work every day, or you call it as a freelance. To gain the job as a fresher, you need to create a good resume to win the competition with other applicants. Here, we have information on the fresher resume template and its sample that can be as your reference.

Fresher Resume Sample as Teacher

We give you a sample of a fresher resume that can give you a clear idea of how it should be written.

Adeline Howard

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-123-123

Email: adelinehoward@email.com


A creative and resourceful Master’s Degree student in Mathematics with an excellent understanding of conducting classroom instructional strategies in delivering the lessons and facilitating students’ needs. Attended a pre-service teacher program during my Bachelor’s degree and carried out the lessons for the 35-student classroom with the experience of creating lesson plans and regular teaching evaluation. Seeking an opportunity to fill in the Math teacher position in ABC National School.


Internship at XYZ Junior High School.


  • Carrying out teaching and learning process for three classes with 30 – 35 students in a class
  • Implementing instructional strategies in delivering Mathematics lesson
  • Assisting the students in an understanding Mathematics lesson
  • Creating lesson plans for teaching
  • Conducting a regular teaching evaluation with the team and assisting teacher every two week
  • Researching teaching strategies to facilitate students’ different learning styles
  • Successfully improved students’ score in Mathematics examination by 45%
  • Appointed by the school to be a Math tutor in giving additional Mathematics lessons at school before or after the school hours


Master of Mathematics Education at National University, 2019 – present

Bachelor of Mathematics Education at National University, 2015 – 2019

GPA: 3.92 (the Top 5% of the Program)

Relevant Coursework: Pre-service Teacher Program for Three Months, Statistics Intensive Course.

Graduation: 2019 (Bachelors’ Degree)

Membership: Statistical Community at Facebook, Mathematics Tutor at XYZ Junior High School, Mathematics Students Association of National University

Key Skills

  • Strong Mathematical skills including algebra, statistics, and geometry
  • Excellent skills in instructional strategies
  • Detailed-oriented and good problem-solving skill
  • Good communication skill
  • Compassionate and patient

Achievements and Certifications

  • Top 5% of the Program in Bachelor’s Degree, 2019
  • Best Performance of Tutor as voted by the students and assisting teacher, 2018
  • Best Mathematics Score in National Examination in Senior High School, 2014
  • Winner of Mathematics National Competition at Senior High School, 2012 & 2013


  • English
  • Korean
  • Spanish

How to Write Fresher Resume Template

Undoubtedly, it’s competitive for fresher to land a job. While there are tons of other people who want to fill in the entry-level position, a fresher can save the first resume screening phase by knowing the right way to write a good resume.

  • Read the job descriptions carefully. It relates to what you will present on your resume
  • Choose the right resume format, along with the design it has
  • Create a good profile summary to showcase who you are
  • Mention the true information about yourself
  • Focus on your relevant skills and achievements
  • Proofread. Avoid any mistakes on your resume to create a professional resume even for fresher

Writing Fresher Resume with No Experience

When you want to write a resume for a fresher, there are important things you need to include as the replacement of the professional experience.

Best Resume Format for Fresher

It is most likely that fresher has less experience to write a resume in a chronological format. It is best suggested that fresher uses a functional resume format as it highlights the relevant skills that may assist the job completion. It also provides a comprehensive career objective to showcase the skills of the applicants. Yet, if you happen to have some experience from training or internship, a chronological resume format is possible.

Kinds of Fresher Resume Template

To save your time, you can use some available fresher resume templates as shown below. Choose which one represents you.

Software Engineering Fresher Resume in Word

If you apply for a job as a software engineer, you can use this resume template to pass the first resume screening phase. It creates a comprehensive profile summary that sums up the relevant skills and what you can bring to the table.

Fresher School Teacher Resume Format

For being a teacher, you need a resume that highlights your relevant skills in teaching and academic background. This resume template also has a section where you can have the information on training or internship during your school.

Free Hotel Job Resume for Fresher

This resume template is designed for fresher who wants to have a job at the hotel. It is free to download and you can edit based on your condition and needs. Don’t forget to match the resume with the job description.

MBA Finance Fresher Resume Download

When you have a master’s degree in Business Administration, it’s good to start a career in the MBA finance field and make use of this resume template. It strengthens your image by giving importance to the skills related to finance.

Resume for Banking Fresher

Use this resume template when you apply for a job in banking. This template gives you a professional resume that applies a formal and simple format that is easy to read.

Accountant Fresher Resume Template

This resume template can be used by fresher as accountants. Strong mathematical skills and academic background take a lead in promoting you to employers.

Business Analyst Fresher Resume

For a business analyst, this resume template is what you’re looking for. Created with a formal language and modern style, this resume template represents creative and passionate fresher to start his/her career.

IT Engineer Fresher’s Resume Template

You can use this resume template when you plan to fill in the position of IT engineer. It saves your time and you can focus on the other hiring preparation.

Civil Engineer Fresher’s Resume Template

Calling all civil engineer applicants! Use this resume template and you will have a well-structured and neat resume with a simple format that is easy to navigate the information within the resume.

Petroleum Engineering Fresher’s Resume Template

This resume is designed specifically for petroleum engineer fresher to fill in the entry-level position in a company. It is free, editable, and available online. So, what else you need? Download this resume template right away.





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