6+ Fresher Resume Template


Fresher Resume Template

Nowadays, there are many career opportunities are available for fresher. First-year students need to gain experience working in a real-life situation. It teaches them to be independent financially and to add experience to be written in their resume.

It is crucial to have experiences stated in the resume when they are applying for a job after they graduated. It shows that those students are active in creating career opportunities for themselves. Of course, not only experience is important, but also a fresher resume template. Here, you will read samples of resume templates and related information for fresher resumes.

Sample of Fresher Resume Template

Let’s dive into the resume sample to give you a better understanding of how good a fresher resume is.

Clarence Edwards

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 432-321-212

Email: clarence_edwards@email.com


A student of English Education at ABC University which wants to enhance my English ability as a private tutor. Have good knowledge regarding subject mastery and teaching approaches to assist me during my work.


Private Tutor

2017 – 2019

  • Teaching English for Young Learns for conversation need
  • Preparing the English materials for students age 7-10
  • Developing simple English vocabulary games to enrich the teaching strategies for children

English Competition

XYZ Language School


  • Preparing for English competition at national level
  • Practicing English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills daily


English Education at ABC University

2020 – present

ABC Vocational High School

2017 – 2020

GPA: 3.76

Relevant Coursework: English for Young Learner, Basic English Grammar, Teaching Strategies

Graduation: 2014

Membership: English Club in Senior High School, English Debate Club at University

Key Skills

  • Creativity
  • Good communication skills
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Compassionate


  • Top 3 in English Competition, 2018


  • English
  • Germany
  • A little bit of Korean

How to Write Fresher Resume Template

In writing a good resume for fresher, you need to keep these things in mind.

  • Tailor the career objective or personal summary that best describes you
  • Write down any experience you have, not necessarily about work, but internship or training can be included
  • Key skills that include technical and soft skills
  • Mention your academic background with the achievement you have
  • If you have references, that’s going to be a plus point

The Best Resume Format for Fresher

To be able to create the best resume, fresher needs to know where their strengths are. If it is on the skills, they might need to use a functional resume where it focuses on the skills and abilities. You can also add information about the internship or training if you ever attended that. In most cases, fresher uses a functional resume as it adds value without mentioning the work experience, as most don’t have it. But if you have work experience and it is relevant to the job you apply for, then you can use a chronological resume.

Crucial Skills to Write in Fresher Resume Template

Freshers are usually identical with having less experience, but you don’t need to worry. Highlight your skills to boost your impression to the employers, just like the skills below that are a must-write for a resume.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills (both active and passive)
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork or Collaboration Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Technology and digital skills

Resume for Fresher Looking for the First Job

To land a new job, you need experience but what if that’s your first job and you don’t have any work experience before that? This is what happened mostly to fresher. The fear of not being able to create an impressive resume will always there. Let’s see these several tips to help you.

  • Choose the best resume format that goes well with you
  • Explain your educational background clearly
  • Mention any relevant experience, it can be about volunteering or anything you did in your high school that helps to improve your value
  • Highlight your relevant skills
  • Add awards or certificates you have
  • Write down an effective but reasonable career objective

Kinds of Fresher Resume Template

There is a lot of fresher resume template where you can use these days. Below are the following kinds of resumes you can choose.

Fresher Resume Format

This resume template serves for any job that fresher applies for. Using a simple and neat styling format, you can edit this template easily to save your time.

Resume Format for Fresher in Word Format

This resume template is written in Word format that allows the users to have an outstanding resume to be sent to the employer.

Simple Graduate Fresher Resume Template

Sometimes, you don’t need a fancy resume to highlight your experience and skills. This simple graduate resume template employs a basic style with a formal tone that gives enough emphasis on the skills and academic background.

IT Freshers Resume Template

If you are interested in working in the IT industry, this resume template is designed for you. This resume highlights the skills in technology where it is relevant to the job being applied.

Technical Resume Template

This resume has an organized format style with thorough information on the technical competencies and other sections. It is written in Word that can be edited easily and it is reader-friendly.

Software Engineer Resume for Fresher

This template is designed for fresher who seeks career opportunity as a software engineer. Completed with personal information, this resume creates a clear career objective where an employer can appreciate and consider your application.

Free MBA Fresher Resume Template

If you have an MBA degree, this resume template is specifically designed for you. Completed with work experience and key skills, this template allows you to prove that you are qualified in front of the employer.

Fresher Resume with No Experience

For fresher with no experience, this resume template can be a good choice to have an impressive resume that highlights the skills and academic background. Use this template and you won’t regret it.

Civil Engineer Fresher Resume Template

Use this template if you are a civil engineer fresher. With formal and neutral language, this resume ensures to include your relevant skills that can contribute to your work.

Mass Communication Fresher Resume Template

This resume template is designed for mass communication fresher. Save your time and think less about how to create an outstanding resume by making use of this template.

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