8+ UX Designer Resume Templates


UX Designer Resume Templates

Considering the technology that is becoming more advanced nowadays, UX designers are high in demand. When you apply for a job as a UX designer, you must prove your competence that can be reflected on your resume. Therefore, you have to be able to write a professional resume that can impress the recruiter.

Furthermore, if you do not have any experience yet but want to land a job as a UX designer, you need to get familiar with UX designer resume templates , especially UX designers resume templates with no experience. Choose the template that can serve your purpose the most.

Sample of UX Designer Resume

The resume sample below will give you ideas on how to write a professional resume.

Candice Smith

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 321-235-457

Email: candice.smith@gmail.com


A BS in Computer Science graduate with more than 4 years experience in web application design who aspires to be a professional UX designer. Reached 10% increase in users satisfaction. Achieved 15% increase in conversions through user-centered, data driven and interactively tested design creation. Seeking to perform my skills in bringing monetized improvements.


UX Designer at Highlite Inc.


  • Focused on user-centered design principles
  • Created intuitive and simple user interfaces
  • Contributed to 100% annual profit growth
  • Obtaining user data with participatory design techniques, task analysis and analytics reporting and leveraged the data in creating iterative improvements
  • Increased user satisfaction by 15%
  • Created interactive designs
  • Conducted UX research

Junior UX Designer at Zeta Inc.


  • Creating visual design prototypes
  • Designing icons
  • Developing solutions for new navigation system
  • Increasing user satisfaction by 5%


Master’s Degree – Interaction Design at Aspire University, 2016

GPA: 3.87

Relevant Coursework: data design and visualization, visual design frameworks, human-centered interaction design

Graduation: 2016

Membership: a member of UX Designer Community

Key Skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Graphic design
  • Analytical skills
  • Project management skills
  • Usability testing
  • Web design
  • Computer skills
  • Conceptual skills

Certifications and Achievements

  • UX Master Certification
  • Graduate with high GPA


  • English
  • Spanish

Things to Include on a UX Designer Resume

The following are things you can include on your UX designer resume.

Relevant UX Designer Skills to Add on a Resume

Check out the following skills and put them on your professional resume.

  • User strategy
  • User research
  • User testing
  • UI design
  • Responsive web design
  • Information architecture
  • Front-end programming

Tips to Write Impressive UX Designer Resume

Follow the tips below in writing down your professional resume.

  • You must avoid any kinds of typos
  • Write down your contact information
  • List your professional working experience in chronological order
  • Explain your educational background
  • Include your professional development and awards
  • Highlight your hard skills and soft skills

Kinds of UX Designer Resume

UX designer resumes come in some variations designed for specific purposes. Read the following kinds of UX designer resumes and choose the one that is most relevant to your purpose.

Resume Template for UX Designer

This sophisticated UX designer resume template will be the most suitable one for you. There are spaces available for you to include your contact information, professional skills, educational background, professional working experience and interest.

Free Resume Template for Designer

If you are a designer who is looking for a job, this resume is designed for you. You can add your contact information, links to your social media, languages, academic background, professional qualification, personal skills, professional skills, working experience, achievement, award and reference in the available spaces.

Resume Template for Senior UX Designer

Being a senior in the field of UX design, you may want to use this template which focuses on your professional experience. This template is in MS Word format so you will not need much time to edit the contents.

Resume Template for Mobile UX Designer

If you are interested in being a mobile UX designer, this template is made for you. You can include your personal details, professional objective, qualifications summary and professional experience in the provided sections. Since this template is available in MS Word format, you can modify its contents in only a short period of time.

Resume Template for Entry Level UX Designer

When you do not have any professional working experience yet, you can focus more on showing your potential through the externships you have done. Therefore, this template will be suitable for you since this template also focuses on the externship section. Other than mentioning your externship experience, you can also add your personal details, educational background and relevant skills. You do not need to worry much when adjusting the contents because this template is ready in MS Word format.

Resume Template for Freelance UX Designer

Some people prefer to work as a freelance UX designer instead of the full time one, if you are one of them, then this template is intended for you. There are spaces available for your resume summary and professional working experience.

Resume Template for Interaction UX Designer

If you are planning to apply for a job as an interaction UX designer, you might be interested in using this template. This template consists of spaces for you to write your contact information, summary of qualification and experience, educational background and working experience.

Resume Sample for UX Designer

Having passion to work as a UX designer, choose this template for writing your professional resume. There are available sections for your personal information, resume summary and working experience.

Resume Template for Visual UX Designer

When you are ready to perform your skills as a UX designer, pick this template as your guide in writing a professional resume. Add your personal details, resume summary, expertise, skills and professional working experience.

Designer Resume for Experienced UX Designer

If you are already an experienced UX designer, this template is your best choice. You can include your personal information, educational background, professional experience and awards in the available spaces. Prove that you are skilled, experienced and ready for the job.




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