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Graphic Designer Resume

Working as a graphic designer, you must be creative, efficient, and pay attention to the professionalism and accuracy of the task in order to aim for the perfection of the task. You can show your creativity, skills, professionalism and accuracy through your professional graphic designer resume. Read some of the resumes to get yourself familiar with how to write the resume for a graphic designer position.

If you already have professional experience in the graphic designing field, you can take a look at the senior graphic designer resume that you can find on this website. You can also read the graphic designer resume templates and choose the one that suits your purpose.

Sample of Graphic Designer Resume

Read the following graphic designer resume sample in order to get ideas on how to write your own professional graphic designer resume.

Sophia Hudgens

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 113-224-446

Email: sophia.hudgens@gmail.com


A senior graphic designer who was responsible for graphic design content in a medium-sized firm. Working regularly on layout, graphic and production materials. Recipient of the 2018 Best Design award. Developed more than 150 graphic design projects (brochures, logos, infographics, advertisements) that could increase client transactions by 20%.


Graphic Designer at Utopia Design


  • Facilitating team meetings to discuss about a project in order to increase ecommerce clients revenue
  • Collaborating on a project in creating images and layouts for online content
  • Contributing to customer site that and won a 2017 Ecommerce Design Award
  • Spearheading daily design in prolific firm

Freelance Graphic Designer


  • Designing logo for groceries products
  • Received 88 Designs award for the best shirt design, March, 2016
  • Designing brochures for Helence Inc.


Bachelor’s degree – Graphic Design at Valley University, 2015

GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: animation, art, drawing, web design, photography, 3D graphics, computer aided design

Graduation: 2015

Membership: a member of Registered Graphic Designer Organization, Institute of Graphic Art, Association of Graphic Designers

Key Skills

  • Free Hand
  • Corel Draw
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Acrobat
  • Color Theory
  • Typography

Certifications and Achievements

  • Autodesk certified
  • Adobe CS5 certified
  • Winner: Design Award 2016
  • Graduating with good GPA


  • English
  • Spanish

How to Write a Professional Graphic Designer Resume

The following are things that you can consider when writing a professional graphic designer resume.

  • Write down a graphic designer resume objective or resume summary
  • Describe your professional experience that is relevant to graphic designer position
  • Mention your educational background
  • Include your graphic design skills
  • Add online portfolio section on your resume
  • List your certifications, accolades and awards
  • Compose a cover letter

Relevant Graphic Designer Skills to Add on Your Professional Resume

Applying for a job as a graphic designer, you are expected to include your soft skills as well as hard skills on your resume. Have a look at the following list of skills and you can put the ones that suit you on your graphic designer resume.

  • Time Management
  • Acrobat
  • InDesign
  • Color Theory
  • Problem Solving
  • Free Hand
  • Technology

Tips in Writing an Impressive Graphic Designer Resume

Below are some tips that you can use while writing your professional graphic designer resume.

  • Show how well you did your duties and responsibilities as a graphic designers in previous jobs
  • Focus on numbers to prove your competence
  • Highlight your soft skills
  • Proofread
  • Prioritize Readability
  • Pay attention to the colors you use on your resume

Kinds of Graphic Designer Resume

There are various kinds of graphic designer resumes that you can find easily online. Read them and choose the one that fits your purpose as a reference when writing your resume so that you can write a professional resume and save your time.

Resume InDesign Template for Professional Graphic Designer

This attractive graphic designer resume is intended for professionals in this field. Add your contact information, personal details, educational background, skills, softwares that you master, hobbies and professional working experience in the provided sections.

Resume Template in Word for Senior Graphic Designer

As a senior graphic designer, you must have a long list of working experience, this template will help you to highlight your professional experience. There are available spaces on this resume template for you to write your personal information, summary profile, core strengths and professional experience.

Resume Template for Freelance Graphic Designer

If you want to work as a freelance graphic designer, this resume template will be your best choice. Include your personal details, core qualifications and professional experience in the provided spaces.

Resume Template in Word for Junior Graphic Designer

This template is written in MS Word so it will be faster and easier for you to customize its contents. You can also add your contact details, career objective, career summary, professional working experience and your primary responsibilities in the available spaces.

Resume Template in Word for Professional Graphic Designer

Having professional experience in the graphic design field, you may want to use this template to show your skills and experiences. Include your personal details, performance summary, core competencies, key accomplishments and professional experience on this resume.

Resume Template for Motion Graphic Designer

This resume template is available in MS Word so you can easily modify its contents to fit your personal information. There are spaces available for your personal details, job objective, highlights of qualification and professional working experience.

Resume Template for Entry Level Graphic Designer

Prove that you have what it takes to be a professional graphic designer using this template. You can download this resume template in MS Word format so you will find it easy to adjust the contents so that it will be relevant with your condition. Add your personal information, professional summary, core qualifications, and professional experience in the available spaces.

Fresh Resume Template for Graphic Designer

If you are ready to apply for a position as a graphic designer, you need to show that you are the best graphic designer among the candidates. Use this fresh resume template to help you write a professional resume. Include your personal details, skills, educational background and professional experience in the provided sections.


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