7+ Business Analyst Resume Samples


Business Analyst Resume Samples

When you want to find a new job, your ability to write a good and professional resume is very important since you need to look best among the other candidates. Considering that many job seekers are aiming for the same position as you, you should make yourself familiar with how to write a professional resume. One simple solution that you can do is by using business analyst resume samples.

If you have no experience in writing a resume, the business analyst resume with no experience available on this website will give you guidance on how to write a good and professional resume that will fit your purpose. All you have to do is make some modification so that it will be relevant with your personal information.

Business Analyst Resume Sample

In order to give you some ideas on how to write a professional resume, you can take a look at the following business analyst resume sample.

John Gallanger

MA in Computer Science

Personal Info

Phone : (555)332-332-333

Email: john.gallanger@gmail.com


A business analyst with 2+ years experience in increasing the profitability of a warehouse as much as 55%. I am looking for a position in which I can make use of my analytic and people management skills at this corporation. I have an MA in Computer Science.


Business System Analyst

Deluxe Corporation


  • Redesigning the protocols of customer communication so that the corporation can save $4 million each year.
  • Implementing customer service standard procedures that can decrease refund requests by 9%.
  • Completing business optimization project analysis so that the corporation can boost its revenue by 3%.

Prime Company


  • Redesigning the company’s fulfillment process that makes the company able to save at least $5 million every year.
  • Adding customer service standard procedures that are able to reduce direct labor costs as much as $1 million.


Triumph University

Computer Science


GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Exploring the use of Self-Service for Small Business

Graduation: 2018

Membership: A member of Institute of Business Analyst (IBA)

Certification: Certification of Ability in Business Analytics (CABA)

Key Skills

  • Problem Solving and Critical Analysis Thinking Skills
  • Project Management and Teamwork
  • Detail-oriented and Accurate
  • Public Speaking
  • Effective Communication Skills


  • Business Analyst of the Year Award, 2019
  • Business Analyst Achievement Award, 2020


  • English
  • French

How to Write a Business Analyst Resume

Below are some steps that you can consider to take in writing a professional business analyst resume:

  • Starting your resume off by writing a career or resume objective. Show that you are great in working with teams.
  • Write down a section about your professional experience. Do not forget to write in detail.
  • Add a section to explain your skills.

What should be put on a resume as a business analyst with minimum or no experience?

When you can be categorized as an entry-level business analyst, you should include classes which you took in university that are relevant and able to prove that you are qualified for the position. Avoid using images and charts so that your resume is able to be read by the machine. Remember to provide links to your relevant projects or works.

What are the business analyst skills that can be included on a resume?

  • Effective Verbal Communication
  • Good Skills in Listening
  • Able in Understanding Delegated Objectives
  • Confident in Running Meetings with Stakeholders
  • Know well about the Objectives
  • Great in Managing Time and Being Diligent
  • Able to Write and Document Reports

What can you do to write a resume for a business analyst position?

Since it is quite challenging to write a resume, the steps below will help you in writing a professional resume.

  • You must address the right person
  • You can start your resume with writing a brief introduction
  • Highlight your relevant experiences and qualifications.
  • Explain about your recent working experiences along with your roles and responsibilities.

Kinds of Business Analyst Resume

There are business analyst resume samples that are available for various purposes. Choose the resume that fits your purpose well. It is essential to choose the resume that is most relevant to your field in order to pass the first stage of the hiring process effectively.

Resume Template for Analyst

If you are interested in a resume that is simple and easy to read, this business analyst resume sampleis suitable for you. There are spaces provided for you to write your personal information, your career or resume objective, your educational background and your personal skills.

Resume Sample for Entry Level Business Analyst

Being categorized as an entry level business analyst, this template will fit your purpose. Available in MS Word format, you will not encounter any difficulties in adjusting the sample to fit your personal details. There are sections for you to write down your personal details, educational backgrounds, certifications, honors, knowledge, skills as well as your achievements.

Resume Example for Business System Analyst

This template is the best choice for you because it will be able to guide you in writing your professional resume since it comes with standard sections that you will need on a good and professional resume. You can do modifications on this template directly by using MS Word. All you need to do is adjust this example with your own personal info, your resume or career objective, professional highlights, newest project experiences, etc.

Resume for Senior Business Analyst

If you are considered as a senior in the business analysis field, this template surely is the best match for you. This resume has sections for you to write down your personal details, resume objective, professional summary, technical skills and educational backgrounds. The interesting part of this resume is that it will guide you to highlight the projects you have done along with the detailed data about your responsibilities in completing the projects.

Resume Example for Business Intelligence Analyst

This simple and effective resume is suitable for you who want to highlight the projects you have done. Prove that you have the skills needed to be a business intelligence analyst by using this example.


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