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Elementary Teacher Resume

When you are preparing for applying for a job, you have to be able to write a professional resume so that you can convince the recruiter that you are the best choice for the position. Considering the competition in the job market, you must familiarize yourself with a good resume. One of the solutions is by using the elementary teacher resume.

If this is your first experience in writing a resume, the experienced teacher resume available on this website will give you guidance in writing a professional resume that fits your purpose. All you need to do is modify the content so that it is relevant with your personal information.

Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

In order to give you some inspiration, below is the example of an elementary teacher resume that can give you ideas in writing your own professional resume.

Jessica Thomson

Personal Info

Phone : (555)522-522-523

Email: jessica.thomson@gmail.com


A bachelor’s degree in elementary education (3.5/4.0) who has great passion for teaching in elementary level. I am looking for a position in which I could bring my knowledge, teaching skills and expertise into action, especially in teaching elementary students.


Teacher (intern)

Happy Kids Elementary School


  • Making and editing lesson plans
  • Enforcing rules in classrooms and school
  • Observing and evaluating students’ performances

Smart Children Elementary School


  • Grading students’ homework and tests
  • Keeping parents updated about their children’s performances
  • Documenting students’ progress


Elementary Education, Green Hill University


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Developing Online Learning Materials

Graduation: 2021

Membership: A member of National Education Association

Key Skills

  • Patient
  • Analytical
  • Communication
  • Discipline
  • Time Management


  • National Boards Certification, 2020
  • Runner Up for National Competition of Developing Online Teaching Media, 2021


  • English
  • Korean

How to Write an Elementary Teacher Resume

The following are some steps that you can take in writing a professional elementary teacher resume.

  • Write down heading to introduce yourself
  • Add professional working experiences along with the achievements
  • Include your educational background and also any relevant teaching coursework
  • Highlight your skills related to teaching

What is the job description of an elementary teacher?

Elementary school teachers have responsibilities to create a welcoming classroom environment. Their main duties are making and editing lesson plans, enforcing rules in classrooms and school, observing and evaluating students’ performances and grading students’ tests and homeworks.

What kind of skills should be owned by an elementary teacher?

  • Having patience in teaching elementary students and interacting with them
  • Being able to do collaborate teaching with other teachers
  • Able to explain new concepts
  • Can make students keep being engaged when learning
  • Can manage classrooms
  • Able to do some adaptation to the lesson
  • Working with fellow teachers with diverse background
  • Being a leader

What can a person do to be a good elementary school teacher?

Great elementary school teachers must have the following traits.

  • They are caring, warm, enthusiastic and accessible.
  • They are involved in school committees and activities.
  • They have strong commitment to the school

Kinds of Elementary Teacher Resume

There are several kinds of elementary teacher resumes that are available for your every purpose. Choose the resume that suits you best. Using the most relevant resume is very important in order to successfully pass the hiring processes.

Resume Template for Teacher

This teacher resume template is suitable for those of you who already have experiences in teaching. You can write down your profile, expertise, educational background and your teaching experiences in the available format.

Resume Template for Elementary School Teacher

If you are looking for a job in another school, this elementary teacher resume template can help you to write the professional resume by providing a layout of how an elementary teacher resume should appear.  You can include your areas of teaching proficiency, your credentials and educational background, your certificates, professional development and teaching experiences in the available spaces.

Resume Template for Veteran Elementary Teacher

If you have been teaching for a long time or if you are already a professional in teaching the subjects you can handle, then you can use this elementary teacher resume template to show your proficiency. You can explain that you are a certified elementary school teacher. You can also highlight your core competencies and professional teaching experiences in the available sections.

Resume Template for Experienced Elementary School Teacher

When you already have several years experience in the profession of teaching, and you would like to impose your skills in a new school, this elementary teacher resume template would be the best choice for you. You can start your resume with your objective, then you can explain about your educational background. Next, you can mention your certification, professional working experiences, sponsorship experiences, additional experiences, honors and your special skills.

Resume Template for First Year Elementary Teacher

In the first year of being an elementary teacher, this elementary teacher resume would be an ideal choice to develop your resume. Mention your objective, educational background, certifications, teaching experiences, other relevant experiences, activities, special skills, interests and references in the provided spaces.

Resume Template for Upper Class School Teacher

If you feel that you already have enough experiences in teaching and want to teach the upper class students, this type of resume will help you to write the professional resume that you want. You can mention your personal information such as address, then you can continue writing the objective, your educational background, honors, activities and also teaching experiences.

Resume Sample for Primary Teacher

This sample can help you to prove that you are the best person for the primary teacher position. You can start your professional resume by writing down your profile and then you can continue explaining about your strengths as a teacher. Then, you can continue to write about your experiences in the provided sections.

Resume Template for Early Childhood Teacher

When you are interested in applying for a position as an early childhood teacher, this template is the most suitable one for you. Edit this template so that it will fit your working experiences and educational background.



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