8+ Impressive High School Resumes


Impressive High School Resumes

When you are looking for places to apply for an internship, you must also prepare to write an impressive resume in order to convince the recruiter that you are able to do the duties of an intern. If you are seeking an experience as an intern in big companies, you really need to familiarize yourself with a professional resume since there must be loads of people who want to apply for those companies. One simple way is by using impressive high school resumes.

If you have no experience in writing a resume for an internship program, the high school internship resume for internship available on this website will offer you guidance to write professional resumes that fit for various purposes. All you need to do is modify the content with your own personal information.

Impressive High School Resumes Sample

In order to give you ideas, you can read and follow a sample of an impressive high school resume below.

David Marcos


Personal Info

Phone : (555)343-343-343

Email: david.marcos@gmail.com


An undergraduate  high school student (3.8/4.0) who has passion for creating software programs. I am looking for a position in which I can perform my coding skills in helping the team creating and designing software programs.


Software Engineer (Intern)

  1. Ben Foster High School


  • Creating and designing software programs
  • Integrating software and systems
  • Training end-users
  1. Microsoft (Intern)


  • Analyzing algorithm
  • Modifying source-code


Ben Foster School of Computer


GPA: 3.8

Graduation: 2021

Key Skills

  • Creative
  • Discipline
  • Analytical
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Research


  • 3rd Winner of Imagine Cup, 2020
  • Runner Up of Congressional App Challenge, 2021


  • English
  • Italian

How to Write a High School Resume

Below are some steps that you can follow to write an impressive and professional high school resume:

  • Include the full name of your high school
  • Write the name of the town of your high school
  • Write down the expected graduation date
  • Write your GPA if it is more than 3.0
  • Highlight special courses that you take

What should you include on your high school resume to look good?

How to stand out in high school?

  • You have to get to know your guidance counselor
  • You must be competitive academically
  • Take more than state minimums for high school courses
  • Take some standardized tests
  • You can ask for letter of recommendations
  • You can submit great essays

What skills should a high school student have?

  • Critical thinking/problem solving.
  • Leadership
  • Cultural and global issues
  • Communication
  • References
  • Foundational skills and knowledge

Kinds of High School Resume

There are high school resumes for various purposes. Choose the one that suits you best. It is very important to choose the one which is suitable and relevant to your needs in order to pass the hiring process effectively.

Resume Template for High School Graduate

When you are just graduating from high school and you are looking for your first job, this impressive high school resume is made for you. This template is equipped with space for a picture, for you to write your career objective and contact information. You can also elaborate your technical skills, hobbies and educational background. Lastly, you can write more about your personal skills, achievements and the languages you are fluent in.

High School Graduate with Experience Impressive Resume

If you are a fresh graduate from high school but you already have some working experiences, this impressive high school resume is suitable for you. Designed in a simple manner, this template offers spaces for you to write about your educational background, working experiences, extracurricular participation and co-curricular leadership and involvement.

High School Student with No Experience Resume

This template is especially designed for high school students who have no working experience. Therefore, you can focus on writing about your educational background, achievements, volunteer experience, interests and activities. You can also write about your skills such as computer skills so that the recruiter will see you as an eligible candidate for the position. The template also comes in MS Word format so that you will have no difficulties in editing the content.

High School Student Resume Template

If you are a high school student who lacks working experience, this template can be a solution for you to get a job. This template is designed in a simple manner and contains information on knowledge, skills and achievements. Prove that you are a valuable employee by adjusting the content with your personal information.

High School Student Resume Template for College

This template is suitable for those of you who already have working experience. The template provides spaces for educational background, experiences, activities and skills.

High School Student Job Resume Template

If you already have some working experience, this template is the best for you. You can list your working experiences in the available section. You can also write about your relevant high school studies, awards, honors and memberships in the provided spaces.

Impressive Resume Template for High School Internship

When you are looking for opportunities as an intern, this template is the best choice for you. This template is quite complete and covers many things such as career objective, academic qualifications, personal skills, personal details, key competencies and selected achievements. You can also include skills you acquired while you were studying in the available space.

Student Resume Template for High School Diploma

Having some working experience with a high school diploma background, this template will work out well for you. This template covers information about education, honors and distinctions, working history, community service and skills.

Impressive Resume for High School Student

This template is designed attractively and provides sections for explaining career goals, projects you have done, your educational background and also recommendations you have gotten. Prove that you are a valuable candidate for the position by doing some modification on this template.



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