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Designing an Academic Resume Template Based on Your Need

A resume written for academic positions should showcase teaching experience, publications, professional organizations, certificates, and other specific details to prove that you meet the qualifications for a research position or a faculty which advertised by a certain university. When you write an academic resume, make sure you know what you must include and how to arrange the document. To help you write the resume, check out the academic resume template below.

Why Academic Resume Template is Important?

Before going straight to pick and fill out the academic resume template, it is vital to understand the importance of an academic resume as it can be used in many different purposes:

  1. Writing an academic resume allow your advisers or teachers to know what they have to write in recommendation letters.
  2. Academic resume is one of the requirements for an employment opportunity, internship, or even scholarship.
  3. Having an academic resume will give you a list of points you need to remember when you have an interview.
  4. Academic resume is like a business card which you can submit to any educational purposes.

How to Make an Impressive Academic Resume Template?

Your academic resume should have a few factors that are able to make the readers impressed by your resume. Below are a few tips in designing an impressive template for academic resume:

  • Academic resume is like a professional identity. Thus, use serif fonts since it looks more professional to be used in a resume.
  • Use a specific style to emphasize the information that you want to include in your resume.
  • Keep your resume as concise as possible but still covering all the vital points.
  • As an academic, make sure there is white space between each section to make your resume more illegible. Aside from that, it will also make your resume look clean and more professional.

Things to Write in an Academic Resume Template

Typically, an academic resume template has four essential elements that must be included in your resume. The followings are brief descriptions of the four crucial elements in an academic resume:

  1. Personal information. It includes your full name, professional email, and phone number.
  2. Educational background. It includes the high school name you have attended, the address, the year you graduated from the school, and the GPA.
  3. In this section, you can write why you’re the best candidate for admission. You can prove it by including certificates after you become a committee of a school event, a club member, school organization, and so on.
  4. In this part, you can list all the awards you have earned, and give a brief explanation about the awards.

Editing an Academic Resume Template

After you make a list of the things you need to write in your resume, now it’s time for you to look for an academic resume template. You can just use the template and customize it as the way you like, or you can use it as a reference to design your own resume. It really helps you in deciding the things to write and how you should arrange it.

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