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When you are looking for a job, being able to write a good and professional resume is a must. Considering that you have many competitors in getting the job, you have to familiarize yourself with a convincing resume that will help you to pass the hiring process. One of the easiest ways is to use the mechanic resume.

If you are experiencing writing a resume for the first time, the mechanic resume sample provided on the website can help you to write a resume for various purposes. All you have to do is modify the template to fit your personal information.

Mechanic Resume Sample

In order to give you inspiration, the following is an example of mechanic resume that you can read and follow.

Mac Jones

Personal Info

Phone : (555)223-223-223



I am a graduate from a prominent high school (3.6/4.0) who has a really strong passion for inspecting and fixing machinery, vehicles and light trucks. I am searching for a position in which I can put my skills and expertise into practice.


Automotive Mechanic

J & J Automotive


  • Overseeing maintenance inspection
  • Monitoring inventory
  • Assembling mechanical components

Groove Repair Shop


  • Repairing light trucks, vehicles and machinery
  • Diagnosing mechanical issues accurately


Prime High School


GPA: 3.6

Graduation: 2021

Membership: A member of Automotive Service Association

Key Skills

  • Analytical
  • Communicative
  • Discipline
  • Meticulous
  • Time Management


  • Mechanic of The Month, August 2020
  • Favorite Mechanic, January 2021


  • English
  • Spanish

How to Write a Mechanic Resume

Below are some steps that you can take in writing a good and professional mechanic resume.

  • At the top of your resume, write your resume summary or resume objective
  • Write your responsibilities in previous working experiences and your skills
  • Write a section about how you love working as a mechanic
  • Write down a cover letter

What are mechanic’s duties?

Mechanics should be able to do inspections on electrical or mechanical components and also vehicle engines and diagnose the issues accurately. They should also be able to repair, upgrade and maintain electronic systems and vehicle computers. Mechanics also usually do maintenance work in order to maintain the vehicle’s longevity and functionality.

What are hard skills that should a mechanic include in a resume?

  • Repairing and replacing brake pad
  • Changing vehicles’ oil
  • Do some diagnostics tests
  • Repairing engine
  • Fixing electrical systems
  • Tuning up cars
  • Repairing vehicles’ body

How to start a job as a mechanic?

There are some things that you need do to start an auto mechanic career, such as:

  • Having GED or high school diploma
  • Attending Auto Mechanic Program which teaches important skills as a mechanic
  • Getting a job that offer employer training
  • Getting certifications related to the job as a mechanic
  • Learning more about things related to mechanical jobs

Kinds of Mechanic Resume

There are various kinds of mechanic resumes for various purposes. You have to be able to choose the one that suits your purpose. It is essential to be able to use the resume that fits your field so that it will be easier for you to pass the hiring process.

Resume Template for Mechanic

This complete and interesting template is suitable for mechanics who already have professional working experiences. There is a space for you to put your newest portrait. There are also sections for you to write about your personal information, mechanical skills, working experiences, educational background and references.

Resume Template for Diesel Mechanic

If you are an expert when handling diesel engines in buses, trains, power generators, trucks and other large scale equipment, this mechanic resume template is especially designed for you. Available in MS Word format, you will have no difficulties in editing the content to fit your personal information. This resume template provides sections for you to write down your personal information, resume summary, working experiences and also things that you want to highlight.

Resume Template for Auto Mechanic

When you already have experience in working as an auto mechanic, this mechanic resume template will be able to help you in getting the job that you want. You can include your summary of qualifications, personal information, relevant skills, key accomplishments, educational background, certifications and also professional experiences in this template. This template is already in MS Word format so that it will be easier for you to adjust the content to fit your personal information.

Resume Template for Aircraft Mechanic

If you have passion in working as an aircraft mechanic or want to develop a career related to aircraft machinery, this mechanic resume template is the best choice for you in order to do easy profiling. This resume consists of spaces for your personal information, resume summary and things you would like to highlight. It is provided in MS Word format so you will not face any difficulties in editing the template to fit your purpose.

Resume Template for Aviation Mechanic

Being able to maintain aviation aircraft and machines, you can use this mechanic resume template to guide you in writing your professional resume. There are spaces for you in this resume template to write down your personal summary, career history and also your duties while working in your previous working places.

Resume Template for Experienced Mechanic

Prove that you are the best mechanic in the job market by explaining your potential and skills using this mechanic resume template. This resume template is suitable for experienced professionals in the machinery field.

Resume Template for Car Mechanic

This resume is designed in the simple format and suitable for experienced car mechanics. Write down your personal information, profile and employment history in the available sections.

Resume Sample for Assistant Mechanic

This well-made mechanic resume will be able to help you in passing the hiring process effectively. Highlight your mechanical skills and working experiences in the provided sections. Do not forget to also write down your personal information and resume objective in the available spaces.

Resume Sample for Vehicle Mechanic

If you have many experiences in the vehicle mechanic field, this sample will be the best choice for you. Write down your professional working experiences, your educational background and your mechanical skills in the sections provided by the sample.

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