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Supervisor Resume

When you decide to apply for a job as a supervisor, you must be able to write a professional resume that reflects your skills and abilities. Prove that you are the best candidate among other job seekers who are seeking the same position as you. Therefore, you need to make yourself familiar with how professional resumes are written.

Moreover, if you never write a resume before, you might face some challenges in the process. One solution you can take is using a supervisor resume template. Reading some general supervisor cv will be useful for you to get ideas on how to write a professional resume.

Sample of Supervisor Resume

Below is one example of a supervisor resume. Pay attention to its contents so that you will get inspiration from this sample.

Alicia Green

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 111-222-333

Email: alicia.green@gmail.com


A detail-oriented supervisor with more than 3 years experience in improving and managing  daily operations effectiveness at large warehouses. Able to increase 10% on-time deliveries to clients and attained employee satisfaction score of 9/10 based on team surveys each year.


General Supervisor at Linc Company


  • Assisting with budgets preparations for assigned departments
  • Maintaining and keeping appropriate employee and production records
  • Ensuring that assigned departments follow safety standards and company policies
  • Coordinating with human resources in order to give respond to employee concerns and complaints
  • Setting goals for deadlines and performances to comply with company’s vision and plans
  • Monitoring employee productivity

General Supervisor at The Smiths Company


  • Organizing workflow
  • Ensuring that employees able to understand their delegated tasks and duties
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Monitoring work processes
  • Supervising staff
  • Coordinate work activities and resources needed for manufacturing products


Bachelor’s Degree – Business Management at Hills University, 2018

GPA: 3. 89

Relevant Coursework: Management Information System, Leadership and Influence, Principles of Management, People Management, Leading in a Complex Environment

Graduation: 2018

Membership: a member of General Practice Supervisors

Key Skills

  • Efficient when processing orders
  • Personable and innovative approach to solve guest concerns
  • Knowledge of POS systems
  • Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Work Well Under Pressure
  • Results Oriented

Certifications and Achievements

  • Leadership and Supervisory Certificate
  • Graduate with good GPA


  • English
  • Mandarin

Things to Put on a Resume for Supervisor

There are several things you can consider to include when writing a supervisor resume.

Relevant Supervisor Skills to be Put on a Resume

The following skills should be possessed by a supervisor. You can include the skills that are relevant with you on your resume.

  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Communication Skills
  • Management Skills

Tips to Get the Position as a Supervisor for the First Time

You can do the following things to make employers see your abilities and potential.

  • Highlight your expertise
  • Invest to your education
  • Ready to explain that you are ready for the position

Kinds of Supervisor Resumes

There are various kinds of supervisor resumes that are suitable for specific purposes. Choose the one that is most relevant to your needs.

Resume Template for Administration Supervisor

If you want to focus on showing your professional working experience, this template might be the best choice for you. You can write down your personal details, career objective, educational background and working summary in the provided spaces. This template is available in MS Word so you will not face many difficulties in adjusting its contents to fit your own situation.

Resume Template for Admin Supervisor

When you want to write a simple template, you may want to use this template. There are specific sections for you to write down your contact information, job objective and job experience.

Resume Template for Account Supervisor

If you want to apply for a position as an account supervisor, this template will work out best for you. You can include your career objective, expertise, related skills and job duties in the available sections. Since it is available in MS Word format, it will be easier for you to do the modifications.

Resume Template for Aquatic Supervisor

Being a professional in this field and wanting to highlight your professional working experience, you can choose to use this template. This template consists of career objective, contact information, expertise and summary of professional working experience. It is also available in MS Word format so you can simply change its contents to fit your personal details.

Resume Template for Business Supervisor

This template is specifically designed for professionals in this field. It contains spaces for you to write down your working experience, educational background, personal skills, awards and hobbies.

Resume Template for Production Supervisor

If you are an experienced individual in the manufacturing industry, this template is designed for you. You can include your personal information, profile, areas of expertise, achievements highlights and professional experience in the provided sections.

Resume Template for Housekeeping Supervisor

When you want to focus on your skills and professional working experiences, your best choice is this template. Add your personal information, professional summary, educational background, skills and working experience in the available spaces.

Resume Template for Maintenance Supervisor

If you want to get ideas on how to lay out your experience and skills, you might want to read and use this template. This template offers spaces for your personal details, resume objective, qualification summary, educational background and working experience.

Resume Template for Customer Service Supervisor

This flexible and simple template format allows you to write down your personal details, professional profile, career objective and career summary. Available in MS Word format, it will be quite easy for you to edit its contents.

Resume Template for Retail Supervisor

This template is suitable for individuals who want to work as a retail supervisor. It contains sections for your career summary, key skills, career history, education and references.




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