Diesel Mechanic Job Description and Its FAQ

For the vehicle service center, a diesel mechanic runs an important role and it will influence what the company will get. Yes, based on the diesel mechanic job description, an individual in this position has the responsibility to maintain and to repair the vehicles with diesel-powered. On another hand, they also will fix any damage matter based on the standard of maintenance.

Diesel Mechanic Job Description Template

Since a diesel mechanic has essential responsibilities, recruiting a talented diesel mechanic is a must matter to be done by a manager. Through a talented diesel mechanic, of course, all tasks of the mechanic, such as finding faults, analyzing diagnostic tests, and others could be done maximally.

Well, to make a better recruitment process, knowing the template of a diesel mechanic job description can be an important matter to be known. A template here can be a reference to know what you need to write inside the recruitment document.

On another hand, a template is also helpful. It provides the basic scheme of the recruitment document that you may use. Through this default scheme, you do not need to make a recruitment document from a blank document.

Diesel Mechanic Responsibilities

Fixing the diesel-powered vehicle becomes the main responsibility of a diesel mechanic. However, substantively, an individual in this position has some other responsibilities to be handled. The detailed responsibilities to be faced are:

  • Ensuring the cleanliness of all sides of the shops
  • Maintaining the parts inventory and check its stocks
  • Making some inspection procedures checklist
  • Maintaining detailed records of a specific vehicle to maximize the service
  • Performing preventative maintenance for servicing kinds of diesel-powered vehicles
  • Test driving the serviced vehicles to know the real performance
  • Checking the lighting systems of the vehicles
  • Replacing the engines of vehicles, the mechanisms of steering, the brake and transmission systems, and other damaged parts
  • Analyzing the results of diagnostic tests
  • Running a diagnostic test for the diesel-powered vehicles

Diesel Mechanic Requirements

To handle detailed responsibilities as mentioned, a diesel mechanic should fulfill some requirements. The requirements can be the standard of ability. It can be part of the qualification to get a talented diesel mechanic by the company.

Some requirements to be considered by a candidate of diesel mechanic before joining the recruiting process are:

  • Degree or diploma in automotive engineering, mechanical, or equivalent
  • Valid driver license
  • Good basic skills in math and science
  • Advanced knowledge of the components of diesel engine
  • Good diagnostic and IT skills
  • Physically fit and capable to lift to 150 pounds
  • Familiar with repair and maintenance tools
  • Attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills both verbal and writing
  • Good organization skills

Diesel Mechanic FAQ

What are the main duties of a diesel mechanic?

Maintaining the condition of the diesel-powered vehicle becomes the main duty of a diesel mechanic. However, the mechanic also should make some prevention to keep the condition of the vehicle.

Is the posted job description of diesel mechanic editable?

The samples of the posted job description are editable. You can personalize the information inside it. Download the diesel mechanic job description and change detailed requirements based on what you want.



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