Car Detailer Job Description and Its Requirement

Do you ever hear about the car detailer? Well, a car detailer is an important agent with high responsibility. In doing their task, a car detailer provides an interior and exterior cleaning services for automotive. For details, the car detailer job description is handling everything starting from a simple wash, steaming and deodorizing interiors, protective agents to cars, and others.

Car Detailer Job Description Template

A template of a car detailer will be useful for those who want to make recruitment to find the best agent. Through a template, of course, making recruitment will be easier to be done. Something that you need to know, a good car detailer should have the ability to provide the best quality automotive cleaning services for the whole customers.

For the detailed responsibilities, a car detailer will clean the kinds of vehicles based on the standards or the specifications of the clients. Yes, it is very reasonable because some cars will need different ways of treatment. That is why for recruiting a car detailer, you need to make sure to find a great car detailer that has complex knowledge.

To be a successful car detailer, a candidate should have a high commitment. Then, they also need to provide excellent service to customers. Being detail-oriented, responsible and courteous is what a car detailer should be.

Car Detailer Responsibilities

As we have said before, a car detailer has some responsibilities, especially in maintaining and keeping the clean of the vehicles. To make a clear explanation about it, these are some responsibilities of the car detailer to be known, especially for the candidate. The responsibilities of car detailer are:

  • Responding to the inquiries of the clients and fulfilling their requests
  • Managing the detailed inventories and reordering the supplies when it is needed
  • Moving and parking vehicles
  • Delivering the vehicles to the correct locations or picking the owner when it is needed
  • Performing the inspection to check the condition of a vehicle
  • Keeping complete and accurate records of the condition of vehicles
  • Using cleaning, protective and restorative agents to maintain and enhance the appearance of the vehicles
  • Operating the buffers, hoses, steamers and other equipment to deliver the best services for the customers
  • Cleaning the interior and exterior of vehicles in details based on the standard

Car Detailer Requirements

To be a good car detailer, these are some requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate. Some requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate of a car detailer are:

  • Availability to work on the weekends and holidays
  • Willingness to deal with all policies and procedures of the company
  • Ability to meet the physical demands
  • Attention to details, especially when doing the services of a car
  • Excellent skills in communication and interpersonal
  • High school diploma for the last education or equivalent

Car Detailer FAQ

What is car detailing?

The main task of a car detailer is to clean the interior and exterior of a car. The agent should have the competency to do the basic wash and an intensive car wash. Besides, these are also some additional jobs that a car detailer should handle.

Can I customize the car detailer job description?

When you advertise the car detailer, you need to make your duties and expectations. It means the job description here could be edited. All you should do is downloading the car detailer job description and then edit it using Microsoft Word.

Description: A car detailer job description will be useful to make you know about the detailed job desk of the agent, especially when you want to recruit them as the new employee.


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