Ramp Agent Job Description: Requirements And Skills To Have As A Ramp Agent


Also known as a baggage handler or fleet service agent is a person who works to operate and manage baggage and cargo in the airport. If you’re interested in this position, you can read the supply chain manager job description below. This description includes the requirements and skills you need to have as a ramp agent.

The Duties In A Ramp Agent Job Description

A ramp agent has several responsibilities to be covered. Here are some responsibilities that play important roles in this job.

1. Guide Aircraft To Park And Take-Off In The Airport

As a ramp agent, you should able to guide the aircraft to the parking place. Besides, before the aircraft goes to the parking lot, you must place cones around the park. On the other side, you need to operate ground support equipment, such as container loaders, aircraft stair units, water/lavatory service trucks, cargo dollies and also passenger vans when it’s necessary.

2. Load And Unload All Aircraft Cargo And Baggage

Another responsibility you need to do is loading and unloading things on the cargo and baggage from arrival or department to carts or dollies. It’s required to provide special handling to the baggage or cargo. Also, when necessary, you need to collect live animals and dangerous goods from the aircraft to keep safety. Then, you must deliver the passenger’s baggage to the conveyor system, so they can claim their goods.

3. Maintain And Clean The Aircraft’s Cabin

It is also an essential duty to a ramp agent to maintain and clean the aircraft’s cabin. Besides, you need to comply with the security requirements, including using Swissport Standard Operating Procedures. Then, you need to report all equipment to the appropriate manager.


The Important Requirements In The Ramp Agent Job Description

After knowing the duties you’ll do later, you can read the requirements below. Take some notes to the important points.

1. Educational And Experience Requirement

In this position, it’s preferred to have a high school diploma with previous experience working in an aviation environment. Besides, you must able to deal with live animals and dangerous goods. Then, for accessing CBP security areas, you must have U.S. Customs Seal.

2. Skills Requirement

Having good time management skills and excellent communication skills will increase your opportunity as a candidate. Also, you should know about airport safety procedures and some techniques for handling heavy goods. On the other hand, you must able to deal with high pressure.


What’s A Ramp Agent’s Job?

A ramp agent’s job is to load and unload goods in cargo or baggage who works in a large team of airport ramp agents.

What You Need To Do Before Applying For A Ramp Agent?

Make sure you’ve considered the duties and responsibilities of this position.

What Are The Most Common Responsible Of This Position?

You’ll provide services for the aircraft, manage the baggage and cargo operation, act as marshals and follow the standard safety regulations.

In conclusion, those are requirements and skills you must have as a ramp agent. You can prepare everything from the ramp agent job description above. See you around!


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