Reservation Agent Job Description with Its Responsibilities and Requirements

A reservation agent is a person who is responsible for responding to communications from travel agents, guests, & referral networks concerning reservations that arrive via fax, cable, telex, phone, mail, or a central reservation system. Anyway, it is very important to know about the reservation agent job description. So, this article will discuss it further.

Reservation Agent Job Description Template

A reservation agent is tasked to make & maintain reservation records. In addition, he or she also has a responsibility to prepare the list of expected arrivals, help pre-registration activities, and process advance reservation deposits.

This article contains a job description template of a reservation agent. We know that different reservation agents may have different tasks and duties. So, we let you to download this template and edit it if needed. You can adjust it to fit your needs easily.

Reservation Agent Responsibilities

Many tasks and duties become the responsibilities of a reservation agent. They include:

  • Processing reservations by fax, cable, telex, phone, mail, or central reservation system referral
  • Processing reservations from travel agents, sales offices, hotel departments, etc
  • Knowing the kinds of available rooms and their layouts as well as locations
  • Knowing the selling benefits, rates, and statues of all package plans
  • Knowing the hotel’s credit policy and how to code every reservation
  • Making & maintaining reservation records by alphabetical listing and arrival date
  • Determining rates of room based on the hotel’s selling tactics
  • Preparing confirmation letters
  • Communicating reservation info to the front desk
  • Processing cancellations & modifications as well as relaying this info promptly to the front desk
  • Understanding the policy of the hotel on no-shows and guaranteed reservations
  • Processing advance reservations and deposits
  • Tracking future room availability on the reservation basis
  • Helping to develop room revenue & occupancying forecasts
  • Preparing expected arrival list for the front office
  • Helping in pre-registration activities
  • Monitoring advance deposit requirements
  • Handling daily correspondence
  • Ensuring that files stay up to date
  • Maintaining a neat & clean look and working area every time
  • Promoting goodwill and following employees

Reservation Agent Requirements

All the candidates have to meet the following required qualifications:

  • High school graduate
  • Fluent at the main language in the workplace
  • Experience of the relevant position
  • Experience in Hotel software

Reservation Agent FAQs

What does a reservation agent do?

There are many tasks and duties a reservation agent must do. However, the main responsibilities are to respond to communications from travel agents, guests, & referral networks concerning reservations that arrive.

Can I edit the posted reservation agent job description here?

If you want to recruit a reservation agent, you can use this template. If you need to customize it, just feel free to edit the template. In fact, it is an editable job description template.

Do you have interview questions for a reservation agent?

This web does not only contain the reservation agent job description but also a collection of interview questions you can use in recruiting a reservation agent.



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