Police Sergeant Job Description Template and FAQs

A police sergeant is a position of a police where who has responsibilities to enforce state, federal, & local law. A police sergeant is in charge of supervising, motivating, and training the officers under the command. A police sergeant has many daily tasks and duties. Even though these can be different from one to another, it is important to understand the following police sergeant job description.

Police Sergeant Job Description Template

A police sergeant is generally ensures that people who are under his command perform policing duties assigned. Besides that, he should also oversee the subordinate scheduling to ensure that the department is staffed fully.

Now, we are hiring a police sergeant. The police sergeant must be professional and well-educated. So, he can do his daily tasks and duties well. For the detailed job descriptions, you can see the following template. It includes the police sergeant’s responsibilities and requirements.

Police Sergeant Responsibilities

Many tasks and duties must be done by a police sergeant. Here they are:

  • Upervising police officers in regular assigned patrols & incident investigation performance
  • Preparing shift assignments and notices
  • Conducting evaluations of the prospective candidates of police officers
  • Conducting performance evaluations
  • Making recommendations about employee retention and discipline
  • Reviewing police documentation like accident & incident reports, daily logs for accuracy & compliance with traffic laws, motor vehicle, and criminal with university regulations
  • Helping shift commander to establish procedures
  • Making recommendations for improvements in department operations
  • Conducting crime & accident investigations and preparing detailed reports
  • Providing public assistance
  • Processing evidence, preparing court case, and providing legal testimony
  • Conducting inspections police equipment and personnel
  • Issuing and accounting for police equipment
  • Representing the department at business and community meetings

Police Sergeant Requirements

Every candidate who is applying for this position should meet the following required qualifications:

  • Graduation from a law enforcement academy
  • One-year experience in the relevant position
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to effectively work with various constituencies
  • Skill in completing criminal and accident investigations
  • Knowledge of techniques, methods, regulations, and laws in specialty area
  • Ability for providing legal testimony and depositions
  • Knowledge of organizational structure, operating procedures, and workflow
  • Skill in providing services of protection to individuals on university
  • Ability to gather & organize legal evidence
  • Ability to lead & train employees
  • Ability to perform approve installations and inspections

Police Sergeant FAQs

What does a police sergeant do?

There are many tasks and duties to be done by a police sergeant. Basically, he is tasked to enforce state, federal, & local law.

Can I edit the posted police sergeant job description here?

Of course, you can. As it is an editable document, you can add or remove the details of this job description to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a police sergeant?

We do not only provide the police sergeant job description but also interview questions you can use to interview the candidates.



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