Bar Back Job Description and Its Requirements

A bar back is a junior role for a person who wants to work as a bartender, barista, or bar manager in the future. Usually, a bar back undertakes simple tasks. Mainly, he or she supports the more experienced staff in the bar before they can take orders, mix beverages, and serve customers without supervision. Now, let’s see the following detailed bar back job description.

Bar Back Job Description Template

A bar back works behind the scene to support waiters and bartenders during his or her, a bar back also helps with the procedures of bar opening & closing. Refilling bins of ice, replacing liquor bottles & beer kegs, and collecting glassware as well as cleaning up the bar belong to the main responsibilities.

Our bar is hiring a bar back to support our staff including bartenders. You will help with the procedures of bar opening & closing as well as perform different tasks behind the bar like preparing garnishes or restocking the bar. The following job description template will be very helpful.

Bar Back Responsibilities

You need to know that a bar back is very important in a bar. Different bars usually give similar daily tasks and duties for a bar back. For the detailed and complete responsibilities, let’s pay attention to the following list:

  • Tidying up counters, tables, & other areas of bar
  • Collecting empty bottles and glasses
  • Restocking the bar with napkins, coasters, and straws
  • Preparing juices, mixers, & cocktail garnishes
  • Replenishing fruits and peanuts
  • Changing out kegs of beer
  • Replacing bottles of liquor
  • Removing trash & wiping down beverage spills
  • Refilling bins of ice
  • Cleaning rags during the shift
  • Helping the bartenders especially during rush hours

Bar Back Requirements

There are some qualifications to meet. Different bars may require different qualifications. However, they are usually same. Here are the requirements all the candidates have to meet:

  • Minimum age for serving alcohol
  • Interest in hospitality industry
  • Previous experience in a restaurant or bar is a plus
  • Ability for working in a fast-paced environment
  • Team spirit
  • Basic knowledge of menu items & recipes of bar such as various kinds of beers & mixed drinks
  • Physical ability for lifting beer kegs, standing during the shift, and holding glassware & bottle trays
  • Flexibility for working during public holidays, weekends, and evenings
  • High school diploma
  • Additional certification in hospitality or mix logy is an advantage

Bar Back FAQs

What does a bar back do in a bar?

A bar back has a simple main task. It is to supports the more experienced staff in the bar.

Can I edit the posted bar back job description template here?

Of course, you can. Everyone is allowed to download, edit, and use the job description template above. So, just feel free to edit it to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a bar back?

We do not only provide the bar back job description but also a few samples of interview questions for a bar back.


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