Tour Guide Job Description Template and FAQs


A tour guide is a person who is tasked to show groups of people around the interest in a building, city, or establishment. He or she works for a public building or art gallery. A tour guide aims to educate individuals or entertain them. It is very important to know further about the tour guide job description. So, pay attention to the posted template in this article.

Tour Guide Job Description Template

Public speaking is a crucial skill a tour guide has to own. Besides that, a tour guide must also have excellent skills of customer service. In fact, he or she must respond questions from people and ensures that everyone can enjoy the trip.

Skills of management time are also important. And there are still many other required qualifications you can see below. If you are curious about it, you can download, edit, and use this tour guide job description template.

Tour Guide Responsibilities

There are many tasks and duties to be done by a tour guide. For the detailed tour guide responsibilities, let’s see the following list:

  • Describing points of interest in the city to groups of people and answering relevant questions
  • Providing directions to visitors who want to check out a specified area at a later date & providing information that relates to food, lodging, or other amenities
  • Monitoring the group behavior and ensuring that everyone follows the rules
  • Distributing materials to the group in the beginning of tour
  • Greeting visitors once they arrive and showing people to their seats if needed
  • Being willing to put own spin on points of tour like making jokes or providing insightful commentaries
  • Working with management in order to develop new routes of tour
  • Maintaining a friendly demeanor

Tour Guide Requirements

There are some tour guide requirements the candidates have to meet. Here is the list of required skills and education:

  • Great skills of public speaking
  • Outgoing personality
  • Punctual
  • Previous experience in the related field
  • Flexible schedule for working on the weekends
  • At least high school diploma
  • Experience as a tour guide

Tour Guide Job Description FAQs

What does a tour guide do?

There are meant tasks and duties to be done by a tour guide. However, the main job is to show groups of people around the interest in a building, city, or establishment. For the detailed tour guide tasks and duties, you can see the job description template above.

Can I edit the posted tour guide job description template here?

The job description template here is downloadable, editable, and usable. So, after you download it, you can edit it first to fit your needs. Then, just feel free to use it for posting job career online on the internet.

Do you have interview questions for a tour guide?

The tour guide job description above is very useful for your reference in recruiting a tour guide. If you need interview questions, you can also find on another page.




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