Landscaper Job Description and Its Responsibilities

A landscaper is a person whose responsibility is to build & maintain property buildings, parks, gardens, or other outdoor landscapes. He or she ensures overgrown hedges pruning, outdoor facility cleanliness, and plant growth. In addition, he or she also supervises walkways, outdoor furniture, landscape structure, and equipment & repairs. For the more detailed landscaper job description, let’s see this.

Landscaper Job Description Template

A landscaper may work for a playground, a municipal employee maintaining City Park, or a landscaping company. A high school diploma is usually required for a landscaper. Besides that, a landscaper must also have a couple years of experience in grounds keeping or landscaping.

A successful landscaper is detail-oriented with good organizational skills. He or she must also have great stamina. An ideal landscaper should also have a good knowledge of basic lawn maintenance and pest management. The following template presents the complete job description of a landscaper.

Landscaper Responsibilities

Our company is hiring a landscaper for performing some tasks and duties. Here are the responsibilities to be done by a landscaper:

  • Performing general maintenance including applying plaster, fixing fountains, and cleaning walkways
  • Conducting maintenance procedures and minor repairs on ground keeping equipment
  • Utilizing pesticides to rid pest grounds including ticks, wasps, and mosquitoes
  • Applying fertilizer to property grounds for enhancing growth
  • Cutting grounds with hand, riding mower to trim edges around walls, flower beds, and walkways
  • Monitoring property ground for ensuring a pleasant look
  • Being willing to train & improve knowledge in assigned tasks and duties
  • Ensuring that grounds are free of dead plants and weeds

Landscaper Requirements

We hope that our landscaper will help our company grows faster and better. We are open to let everyone applies for this job position. However, make sure that the candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in a grounds keeping or landscaping role
  • Ability to operate maintenance equipment safely including hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers
  • Good organizational skills
  • Knowledge of horticulture works
  • Ability of lifting 50 pounds
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to manage various tasks & meet deadlines
  • Ability of working in various outside conditions for long time periods

Landscaper FAQs

What does a landscaper do in a landscaping company?

Working in a landscaping company, a landscaper is usually tasked to build & maintain property buildings, parks, gardens, or other outdoor landscapes. That is why a landscaper must understand all the responsibilities well.

Can I edit the posted landscaper job description template here?

As you can see, we provide you a job description of a landscaper in this article. This job description is editable so that you can easily edit it to fit your needs. You can add or remove the details as you want.

Do you have interview questions for a landscaper?

Besides providing the landscaper job description, this web also provides a collection of interview question samples. These questions can be your reference in interviewing the candidates who applies for this position.



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