Property Manager Job Description and Its Required Qualifications

A property manager is a person whose responsibilities are to manage all aspects of the assigned properties, design plans of business for the assigned properties which suit the needs of customers, and inspect & arrange maintenance to meet standards. In this article, we will present the complete and detailed property manager job description.

Property Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a professional property manager. In this position, your will be responsible for direct management oversight of the assigned residential or commercial properties. The purpose is to optimize revenue, customer satisfaction, and asset value.

The following job description includes the responsibilities to be done by a property manager and required qualifications to be met by all the candidates. So, if you want to recruit a new property manager, you can use this job description in the advertisement of the job vacancy.

Property Manager Responsibilities

A property manager has many responsibilities. Below is the list of what to be done by a property manager:

  • Managing all aspects of the assigned properties
  • Designing plans of business for the properties assigned that suit the needs of customers
  • Inspecting and arranging maintenance in order to meet standers
  • Maintaining a good relationship with all tenants
  • Negotiating contracts or lease with contractors in a reliable and timely manner
  • Advertising and marketing vacant spaces in order to attract tenants
  • Collecting receivable accounts as well as handling expenses of operation
  • Forecasting requirements as well as analyzing data, variances, & trends top develop & manage yearly budgets
  • Overseeing personnel of properties and assessing the performance
  • Accomplishing financial goals as well as reporting on financial performance periodically
  • Sourcing & building relationships with the prospective clients in order to expand business opportunity
  • Updating job & market knowledge

Property Manager Requirements

To be our property manager, there are some steps to pass. First of all, the candidates have to meet the following requirements:

  • Experience as a property manager
  • Understanding about a property manager & the financial aspects
  • Knowledge of rules & regulations surrounding the property manager
  • Competency in Ms. Office programs and relevant software & database
  • Customer focus & bottom line orientation
  • Interpersonal savvy with good skills of communication & presentation
  • Well organized with good skills of time management
  • Valid license in real estate broker or agent
  • BS degree in the relevant field

Property Manager Job Description FAQs

What does a property manager do in a company?

A property manager is basically responsible for direct management oversight of the assigned residential or commercial properties.

Can I edit the posted property manager job description here?

Yes, you can. This job description template is editable so that you cannot only download it but also edit and use it whenever you want.

Do you have interview questions for a property manager?

We do not only provide the property manager job description but also some question samples used to interview the candidates.




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