Commercial Real Estate Broker Job Description – What To Know To Be A Good One


The commercial broker is a position that deals with assisting the clients in selling, buying and leasing the properties. The work is as an intermediary between owners and tenants and assisting them in doing transactions. To help you understand the responsibilities, requirements, and duties, you can read our short resume about the commercial real estate broker job description.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Commercial Real Estate Broker Job Description?

There are some responsibilities that the employers and candidates should know, which are as follow:

Assisting Clients

Because they are the mediator, the commercial real estate broker should assist the clients to find the non-residential properties. They also assist the sellers in attracting buyers in a certain period of time. Besides, they also give guidance in terms or mortgages, agreements, and market prices.

Becoming The Mediator

The commercial real estate broker also works by coordinating the exchange of property ownership, drafting the contract, and doing the negotiation.

Handling Marketing

Additionally, commercial real estate should handle marketing functions. This includes promoting the properties, arranging viewings and advertising. Besides, they are also required to attend networking functions.

The Requirements Included In The Commercial Real Estate Broker


The good thing about this position is there is no need for a degree certificate. However, it is preferable if the candidates have a marketing background and have experience in this field. Without a degree certificate, this can be a little bit tricky for people who have just been running the business. But there is always training. Additionally, the candidate should have state licensure.


The skills required in this field are good knowledge of the property specifications, law, procedures, guidelines and also policies. The candidate should be honest and self-motivated. Additionally, a three-year experience will give a huge plus point to a candidate. If you are looking for a good candidate, you can look at this point.


What  Should A Commercial Real Estate Broker Work On?

The commercial real estate broker is responsible for assisting their clients in selling, purchasing or leasing the properties. The job is almost similar to the real estate agent, but this broker has its own license so they can manage their own real estate business. Meanwhile, the agent itself should work with the real broker.

What To Consider Before Posting The Commercial real Estate Broker Job Description?

To be successful in this business, the candidate should have a good skill in marketing. This is why the employer should know the requirements, responsibilities, duties, and skills required in this field so they can find a better candidate.

What Kind Of Duties To Do In This Position?

The duties to do as a commercial real estate broker includes assisting clients in selling, purchasing and leasing the properties, providing guidance, negotiation and making coordination with both parties.

After knowing the basic knowledge of a commercial real estate broker job description, we expect you can write a clearer job description so you can boost your business well.

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