CNC Operator Job Description – An Ultimate Guide To Post The Job Description


A CNC operator is also known as the CNC Machinist. The person who is working in this field has responsibilities to manage to CNC machine from setting up and using it for production. This machine is typically used for producing metal, plastic or tools’ parts. Generally, a CNC operator is required to monitor, inspect and also do the test. For further detail about this job, you can read our resume about the CNC operator job description.

What Are The Responsibilities In The CNC Operator Job Description?

There are some responsibilities to be done by the CNC operator. Generally, he/she has the following duties:


The first task to perform by the operator is to manage the CNC machine, including setting up and perform a different job that is using this machine. The job includes milling, drilling, and grinding. Besides, as the operator is working with the machine, he/she needs to make sure the machine is always based on the guidelines and safety standard. Overseeing the machine is a must to make sure there is no problem and the product resulted is qualified. Additionally, a CNC operator ha to check the machinery daily to ensure it has good functionality.

Convert Designs To Real Product

A CNC operator has to translate the drawing concept from the engineering and then turn it into production. The individual needs to make sure the result will meet the client’s expectation and communicate the issue arise during the production.

What Are The Requirements To Be A CNC Operator?

If a candidate wants to be a CNC operator in a company, the candidate needs to fulfill the following requirements:

Education and Experience

The candidate should have at least a high school diploma and got a certificate in engineering. The individual has a 3-year experience in the related field.


The skills required to be a CNC engineer include having the ability to read and translate the engineer’s drawings and able to convert it into the product. The person needs to have good attention to detail and be able to work under pressure and goals. He/she has a good analytical and comprehension abilities with good mathematical and computing skills.


What’s A CNC Operator’s Job?

the CNC operator is responsible for making sure the company can produce quality products that meet the client’s standards. In this case, he/she needs to have a good knowledge of the latest techniques and equipment with related industries.

What Should An Employer Consider Before Posting A CNC Operator Job Description?

Hiring a CNC operator is indeed a tricky job because the employer should understand certain standards about the field he/she is working in. Employers need to consider the knowledge, experience, skill, and requirements to have a valid measurement in hiring a professional CNC operator.

What Are The Duties Of A CNC Operator?

The CNC operator has responsibilities managing the CNC machine, translating the design concepts, operating the CNC machines and recording all of the actions.

That’s all about the CNC operator job description that can be your main reference before hiring a candidate. Make sure you also adjust the responsibilities, duties, and requirements with your business. We do hope the article above helps you in getting the idea of writing a job description in this field.

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