Software Tester Job Description – What Aspects To Know Before Applying



The software tester is one of the most crucial positions in the software company. They make sure a product runs very well and will not cause any crash with another program. The effectiveness of a program will be analyzed by this department. If you want to know further about the software tester job description, you can read the following resume.

The Responsibilities In The Software Job Description

There are a list of responsibilities that should be done by a software tester, which is including:


The first task of a software tester is reviewing the software. The individuals have to perform certain scenarios to know how far the program will work. After making a plan and scenario about the software, the individuals have to execute the plan and check the usability.

Analyze And Make Reports

The next step to do is making analysis about the test which includes finding the bugs, database impacts, errors and also its functionality. After analyzing it, the person has to make reports for all aspects that relates to software testing. The person has to report any aspect of the design and the usability.

Interacting With Clients and Design Team

The next responsibility of a software tester is interacting with the clients to know about the product specification and requirements. The tester also needs to participate with the design team to give review about the product and check the potential problems.

What Are The Requirements As A Software Tester?

In the software tester job description, the requirements are including:

Education – The individual should at least has a computer science degree and another related field. The candidate needs to have knowledge in terms of software design and the testing methodology.

Skills – The candidate needs to have knowledge of testing techniques in various programs, programming, communication, and organization skills.


What’s a software tester’s job?

A software tester is responsible for the effectiveness of the software. The person who is in charge in this position is obligated to do certain tests and analyze its usability before the product is launched in the market. The purpose of doing a test is to minimize bugs that might lower the product quality and the satisfaction of the clients.

What do you need to do before making a software tester job description?

When a person is planning to apply as a software tester, then he/she should have knowledge about the test design and the software. Therefore, you have to understand the components of the software testing to help you adjust the job description that is needed by the company. This includes knowing each parameter that a candidate should master to fill the position.

What are the duties of becoming a software tester?

There are various duties to do when we break down the software job description. The individual should run the test and also analyze the result for improvements.

By knowing the basic knowledge of a software tester job description, we hope you can figure out what responsibilities, duties, requirements to fulfill this position. This is expected to help you in finding the best candidate for your company. For the job seeker, we expect they can evaluate the skills so they can compete with other candidates.

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