Ruby On Rails Developer Job Description – What Are To Master To Be In This Position?



The Ruby on Rails Developers Is responsible for writing the server-side for web-application. They are tasked to work on the back-end components and also connect the web and application. For further explanation, you can read our summary about Ruby on Rails Developer Job Description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Ruby On Rails Job Description

Building An Application

The developer has a responsibility to build an application which is specialized in the back-end part includes a database of the database. He/she is also responsible for providing supports.

Making A Collaboration

The developer also has to make collaborate with other departments. This is purposed to make learning management.


The developer also must maintain and design the web application with a reliable Ruby code.

Fixing Bugs

Another task to perform is to find and fix the bugs and bottlenecks and make sure the application and web server are working smoothly.

The Requirements In The Ruby On rails Developer Job Description

  • Education Background – The candidate must be from computer engineering, computer science, and other related fields. He or she must be experienced in using Ruby on Rails, Rescue, and RSpec.
  • Skills – The candidate must be able to write a clean Ruby code and proficiently use the Git, SVN, Github, and also Mercurial. Other skills required are the ability to use the Backbone JS, Angular JS, Mocking, MVC, ORM, and RESTful. He also must be good at HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Additionally, testing tools and knowledge in Slim and Liquid are a must.


What’s A Ruby On Rails Developer’s Job?

A Ruby on Rails developer is a developer that uses Ruby software to maintain and develop the database. The person who is working in this position has some tasks to perform such as integrating the front-end elements to the application, troubleshooting, and testing the performance.

What Are To Have To Be A Professional Ruby On Rails developer?

To be a professional Ruby on Rails developer, you must have experience in working with Ruby. You also have strong skills in back-end integration techniques. Generally, a professional developer can make a functional and clean code that suits the company’s needs.

What Are The Prominent Tasks In The Ruby On Rails Developer Job Description?

A developer’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining the application. He/she is also responsible for doing a testing performance, maintaining the database, troubleshooting, and integrating the elements with the applications.

Being a developer is not only requiring you to master related language programs, but also your ability in problem-solving and analytical thinking. These skills will be used a lot on the project. Furthermore, you are also required to have strong communication skills because you will make so much collaboration with the department to develop projects that will ease the customers and staff to optimize the product and services.

That is all our summary about Ruby on Rails developer job description do hope our summary help you in making your job application and prepare the interview.

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