Database Administrator Job Description – What To Know Before Applying



A database administrator is responsible for taking care of the company’s database from its management and maintenance. The duties are including making sure the database is functional and working properly. Besides, the person who is in charge in this position should also fix any error and be responsible for the data loss.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Database Administrator Job Description?

There are many responsibilities that should be done by a database administrator, the general task is in the following list:


The database administrator is dealing with system monitoring. The person should monitor the system performance and identify if any possible problems occur. If finally, they find an error, then they have to respond as quickly as they can.


Besides monitor the system, the database administrator has to protect the database from attacker. To provide the data loss, it also needs to back up the data and fix the memory loss.

Making Reports

Another task to perform as a database administrator is to make a report. They also have to make metrics to check the performance. In this way, they can suggest some suggestions on what to improve and maintain.

Being A Liason

The further task to perform is liaising with the project managers and also other database programmers. Besides, they are involved in making the front-end and back-end designs.

What Are The Requirements In The Database Administrator Job Description?

  • Education – The candidate must at least have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. The candidate must have an MCSD or MCDBA certificate.
  • Skills – There are some skills required to be in this position. This includes mastering Oracle Database, MS SQL, PostgreSQL or Hadoop. The candidate must also have analytic, communication, and organization skills.

Because this job requires a lot of patience, the person must be able to work under pressure. A highly organized person is preferable as this job requires a lot of data and the person who is in charge should be able to handle it properly.


What’s A Database Administrator’s Job?

The database administrator has a job to manage and maintain the companies’ database. They make sure the database is working properly and functionally. They are also responsible for memory loss and other data management.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Creating A Database Administrator Job Description?

If you are going to post a database administrator job description, you have to have the knowledge about this position. At least you know the general task and your company’s needs so you can adjust it properly.

What Are The Duties Of A Database Administrator?

There are some duties to be performed by the database administrator, this includes being responsible in a technical and administrative role. Besides, the person who is working in this position should be the first to carry out troubleshooting and periodic maintenance.

That is all our short information about the database administrator job description. We hope this will help you find the best idea before writing the job description for your hiring project.

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