Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description – Skills And Requirements You Must Know



The housekeeping supervisor is responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the buildings.  They also assign tasks for the housekeeping staff and make sure everyone is adhering to sanitation and safety standards. For further details, you can read our short summarize about the housekeeping supervisor job description.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description?

Assigning Task

One of the main responsibilities of a housekeeping supervisor is assigning the housekeeping task. The supervisor has to make sure that the staff is complying with sanitation and safety standards. Furthermore, he/she has to make a schedule and organize the replacements if this is necessary. A supervisor also has to give training to the staff.


The housekeeping supervisor has to investigate the complaints related to the poor housekeeping service. They have to perform various duties too when there is a staff shortage.


The management task included in this position is issuing the equipment and cleaning supplies for the staff when it is needed. They also do screening for applicants and recommend promotions, dismissals, and transfer for the candidate and employees.

What Are The Main requirements In The Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description?

  • Education – the educational background required for this position is at least having the diploma or GED certificate. The candidate must be able to prove the working experience in the related field.
  • Skills – The skills required are proficiency in Microsoft Office, multitasking, and communication. Also, the candidate must have the ability to stand in a long time, multitasking skills, communication skills, and management skills.

A housekeeping supervisor must be able to work in various duties and perform a task in front of other staff when certain things are needed. Also, the problem-solving skill is required especially if it is related to the complaint.


What’s A Housekeeping Supervisor’s Job?

The housekeeping supervisor’s job is to make sure the housekeeping work has done properly whether it is in the office buildings, hotels, resorts, and other facilities. The make sure all the staff is complying with the sanitation and safety procedures.

What Are To Consider Before Posting A Housekeeping Job Description?

To be successful in hiring a professional housekeeping supervisor, you have to be aware of the general tasks of the housekeeping supervisor. After that, you need to get to know about the requirements that should be fulfilled by the candidate. In selecting a candidate, this is not only about the standard document that must be fulfilled, but also the background check that the candidate is purely free from the criminal case and drug addiction.

What Are The Ultimate Tasks Of A Housekeeping Supervisor?

The main duties of a housekeeping supervisor include identifying cases in the buildings, assigning tasks for the housekeeping staff, and also monitor the cleaning supplies.

To be successful in hiring a professional housekeeping supervisor, you have to be able to develop some strategies in hiring project. One of the ways is writing a clear housekeeping supervisor job description. After that, set your hiring project a best as you can.

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