Call Center Supervisor Job Description – Skills To Master And Requirements To Fulfill


The call center supervisors have the responsibility to assist the call center representative to handle the complaints, answer question, provide support for the customers. Besides, they monitor the call center representative progress, train and hire the employees and develop the call center’s representative skills in purpose of providing the best service for the customers.  If you are looking for a call center supervisor job description in a detail way, this article is for you.

The Main Responsibilities In The Call Center Supervisor Job Description

Hiring And Supervising

The call center supervisors has the duties in hiring and training the new call center representatives. They should give a clear guidance and standard operation procedure in answering the customers complaints and questions. This includes troubleshooting problems with the products or services.

Besides, a supervisor also needs to make sure the agents comply with the call center performance standards, objectives and policies. In this situation, they have the responsibilities in answering the difficult question asked by the agent

Observing and Evaluating The Progress

The supervisors needs to monitor and evaluate the performance of the call center representative and then improve them to provide better performance for the clients and company’s growth.

Making Reports

The supervisors are also obligated to provide report to meet the call center goals and also work with another supervisors and managers to find the best solution.

What Are The Requirements In The Call Center Supervisor Job Description?


Being a call center supervisor requires at least a school diploma certificate. It is also preferred to have higher education specifically in management. Besides, the experience in the call center is a plus.


Some skills are required including proficiency in using the technology, communication skill, strong understanding in many things, ability to coach, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Another important skill to have is high patience because this field deals with stress and problems. The call center representative needs guidance in handling the rude customers and the supervisor should give the best support.


What’s The Call Center Supervisor’s Job?

The call center supervisor has responsibilities to hire, train, coach and motivate the employees Besides, they also guide the employees in handling the complaints, answering the question and providing supports to the customers.

What Information Should I Find Before Posting A Call Center Supervisor Job Description?

Before you post the job description, get some knowledge about the role information about what they have to do when working in your companies. This also includes the qualifications and other requirements that suit your business’ needs.

The Duties That Need To Be Included In The Call Center Supervisor Job Description

There are some duties that will be the responsibilities of a call center supervisor job description. This relates with the hiring, training and assisting the new employees in handling the customers’ complaints and questions.

After you have read the resume of responsibilities, duties, and requirements of a call center supervisor, we hope you get the ideas in writing the job listing.



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