Help Desk Technician Job Description – Skills And Requirements To Look For In A Candidate



The help desk technicians provide assistance and support for the customers whether it is remotely or in the office. A company that is offering services will need many help desk technicians to work remotely or in the office to meet the customer’s satisfaction. It is not a good thing if a certain company that focuses on certain fields such as hosting, software, hardware, etc will provide many help desk assistants because of this matter a lot to the product safety and company’s growth. If you are looking for the help desk technician job description, you might need to read the following resume.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Help Desk Technician Job Description?

There are specific responsibilities that a candidate should understand. Here are some of the most important points:

Answering Queries

A help desk technician has the responsibility to respond to the queries in every manner whether it is by email, phone or in person.

Giving Assistance

The help desk technician should give assistance to the customers regarding the product for example configuration, troubleshooting the system, maintenance, etc

Gives Training

A customer often feels confused with the new product they have bought. In this case, the help desk technician has to give training on how to operate it. Besides, the individual should train the other staff on diagnosing and troubleshooting problems.

What Are The Requirements In The Help Desk Technician Job Description?


The help desk assistant should have an associate’s degree in computer science or the related field. The candidate has to have strong knowledge of hardware and software, and computer systems.


The skills required as a help desk technician is a good problem-solving, team-working and analytical skill. Besides, the individual should have excellent communication skills and always open to learning new things.


What’s A help Desk Technician’s Job?

Generally, the main task of a help desk technician is providing technical support and also assistance to the customers, so they can use the product well.

What Should You Do Before Posting A Help Desk Technician Job Description?

Before you post the job description, first you need to get familiar with the duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a help desk technician. After that, you can adjust the task based on your company’s needs. Each help desk technician might have a different job description in every company so you need to understand your company’s and customer’s need too.

The Important Duties Of A Help Desk Technician

Generally, the help desk technician works in a company that is offering services such as hardware and software.  In helping the customers to operate the product, the help desk technician will guide the customers on how to run it properly. Besides they also help customers for fixing troubles when operating the product.

With a good understanding of the responsibilities, and requirements of a help desk technician, we hope you can get the best idea of adjusting the help desk technician job description.

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