Physical Therapy Aide Job Description – Important Things You Need To Know


A physical therapy aide is also known as a physical therapy assistant which will help and assist the patients during the therapy session. They will perform some basic clerical duties and support the patients to exercise regularly while monitoring the progress. Read the following resume of a physical therapy aide job.

What Are The Responsibilities In The Physical Therapy Aide Job Description?

There are some responsibilities to know in this position, which are as follow:


Besides helping the patients, physical therapy is responsible for answering the call, making a schedule, and informing patients and the families about the therapy information.

Assisting Patients

Assisting patients to become the general task which includes helping patients during the therapy session, moving patients when they have mobility problems, guiding patients during exercise until massaging the patients.

Doing Preparation And Monitoring

Physical therapy helps the therapist to prepare the therapy areas, set up the equipments including changing the linens and sanitizing the area. Furthermore, they are obligated to monitor the patient’s progress too.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Physical Therapy Aide?

Becoming a physical therapy aide at least requires someone to have the following requirements:


The candidate has completed the physical therapist assistant program. A therapist assistant license is also required. Also, the candidate at least needs to have a high school qualification or equivalent. Having an experience related to this field is also more preferable.


The skills required as a therapist assistant including having a physical strength because he/she will help to move the patients. The assistants also have compassion, patience, computer literacy skills and to be able to communicate excellently.

To be a successful therapy assistant, the candidate should be strongly fit because the individual will do a lot of physical activities that help the patients and therapist do the session comfortably and faster. A good therapy assistant should also have a good body posture which is necessary for handling the physical activities during the session.


What Is A Physical Therapy Aide?

Physical therapy has a job to guide assist patients during the therapy session. The person who is working in this field should support patients during the therapy session including assisting from and to the therapy room.

What Are To Consider Before Posting A Physical Therapy Aide Job Description?

The main things to consider before posting a job description are the main tasks, responsibilities, and requirements. An employer should know this very well to find a good candidate. Meanwhile, this will be beneficial to the candidate to suit themselves with the requirements.

The Duties Of A Physical Therapy Aide

There are some duties to fulfill when you become a physical therapy aide. The person is responsible for answering the call, making appointment schedules, guiding and assisting patients, set up therapy room and equipment and give the family and patients some information about the therapy session.

By knowing a little bit of information about the physical therapy aide job description, we expect you can at least get better ideas about what to write.

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