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Physical Therapist Resume

If you have a strong passion for working as a physical therapist, you can consider applying for this position by writing a readable, professional resume to the potential employer. To help you feel confident about your skills, you need a physical therapist resume template that is not only helping you in writing the document with accuracy, assurance, and accuracy but also saving your time and money.

Sample of Physical Therapist Resume

Patricia Fernandez

Personal Info

Phone: (786)765-543-234

Email: patricia.fernandez@gmail.com


Strong compassion, licensed physical therapist with 5+ years experience. In search of a new position as a PT to prove the assessment pediatric skills and deliver excellent service for Turtle Creek’s Patients. Received 95% positive feedbacks from the Mom’s and Me Pediatrics and succeeded at reaching 85% of patients’ goals.


Physical Therapist

Mom’s and Me Pediatrics

May 2016- May 2021

  • Implemented pediatric principles in treating the patients.
  • Commanded by management to provide educations for customers
  • Maintained 50 regular clients with 95% positive reviews
  • Created plans for treatments for more than 150 clients with an 85% of success rate in reaching the patients’ goals.

Freelance Physical Therapy

April 2015- January 2016

  • Volunteer as physical therapy for BCF Nursing Home
  • Volunteer as physical therapy at ST Bonefacture and Assessed 15 patients


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Santo Paulus University, 2011-2014

  • Scored top in the class in Physiology
  • Conducted independent research about obesity in kids
  • Excelled in pediatrics subjects

GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Physiology, Nutrition, Massages, Management

Membership: StritKids Club

Key Skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Persuasion
  • Analytical
  • Diagnosis
  • CPR
  • Assessments
  • Orthopedic
  • Pediatric
  • Neurological


3rd Winner on National Essay Competition in Carolina, 2019


  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • French

How To Make My Physical Therapy Resume Looks Good?

Talking about a good resume, you must already know about its standard and what to write. The main important things are how to make your profile looks promising and convincing in front of the hiring manager. This is why you have to pay attention to the job listing.

Try to read the job listing carefully and find the related keywords and match it with your skills. Find the ones that are close enough to make you look eligible. For example, if you find the job application requires you to have a job title, certifications, degree skills, etc, then you should mention them in the resume.

How Long Is The Physical Therapy Resume Ideally?

Ideally, there are no specific rules on determining how long a resume should be. However, the key point here is how to make your document looks readable and informative for the employer. It will be a waste if you write long documents but you just write in very standard writing. Hiring manager reads so many documents and they love the effective resume. They don’t have time to read the whole document thoroughly. For example, if you write a resume objective. Writing it in 3-4 lines is enough to summarize your profile. Besides, you also have to highlight skills that are related to the requirements.

How To Write License On A PT Resume?

If the employer requires you to write and list down the certifications, then you only need to mention the professional credentials on your summary statements. This is enough to prove that you are a certified candidate. Besides, you can add another section to write your details, for example under the education section.

Kinds of Assistant Physical Therapist Resume

There are various types of therapist resume templates that you can download for free. The following are some of the best templates for you so you don’t have to spend so much time looking for one.

Assistant Physical Therapist Sample

For the inexperienced therapist who is seeking a new challenge and career expansion, you can consider being an assistant physical therapist. This is a template that you can reedit and reuse if you want to apply for a job application.

Entry Level Physical Therapist Resume

For people who have just graduated from medical school, applying for an entry-level position is the best option to get more experience. This template offers you an example with its editable feature. You can download it and edit it using regular software such as MS. Word or Google Docs.

Physical Therapist Resume Template

One of the best things to try is this template. It has a professional format with excellent sections and arrangements. If you want to create a resume that catches the employer’s attention, this template can be considered!

Student Physical Therapist Sample

If you are a student who is seeking a position as an intern, you probably will love this template. This file helps you show your interest and display your potential as a physical therapist.

Physical Therapist Aide Fresher

If you are a fresh graduate from medical school and have a strong passion for physical therapists, probably you will need this template soon. This is an easy and customizable template that you can reuse again and again. Even this template is very versatile allowing you to write a good resume quickly.

Physical Therapy Teacher Resume

Are you interested in teaching and physical therapy at the same time? Probably you want to consider applying as a teacher. You can share your experience with your junior by being a teacher. it is a satisfying job for the senior therapist who wants to share tips and principles. Therefore, you might find this template helpful in the future.

Professional Physical Therapist Template

For the professional or experienced therapist, don’t blow the chance by writing a lame resume. Use a good format to showcase your skill and experience, for example using this template.

Senior Physical Therapist Resume

Another template you might want to try is this one. It has a perfect format with a good structure. You can edit this template in a minute. What makes this template better is it comes with a real example. So if you are a fresh graduate and have no idea how to write a resume properly, then you probably want to try this.

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