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Maintenance Resume

The position of maintenance personnel requires certain qualifications. To apply for this job, you must have some of the necessary qualifications. Make sure to read the various qualifications needed to make a professional resume. Read job openings posted by the recruiter to create a relevant resume. By learning things well, you can write a quality maintenance resume.

There are various types of maintenance work that you can choose from. Make sure to choose the one that fits your needs. We have some of the best templates you can choose from, including a good industrial maintenance resume. Each template comes in the best and unique design that can result in the best format. If you want to know more about the sample and template, make sure to write this article until the end.

Maintenance Resume

To make it easier, you can pay attention to our sample resume below:

Harry Parker

Personal Info

Phone: (333)-332-222-222

Email: harryparker12@gmail.com


A bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (3.7/4.0) with 4+ years of experience in maintenance. I am seeking a position as a facility maintenance supervisor at Zee Palace; offer good maintenance skills, able to manage well, and understand technical and diagnostic skills.


Facility Maintenance Supervisor

1) Hera Company


  • Managing and supervising the company so that everything goes according to standards.
  • Directing tasks for troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Developing a program for training new workers.

2) University of Dean


  • Managing and supervising various facilities at the university to meet applicable standards.
  • Performing several tasks for problem-solving.
  • Diagnosing mechanical problems and fix them
  • Introducing an effective scheduling system to save up to 60% time.


AAS in Facilities Management Technology


Northwest University

GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: Optimizing HVAC Control System, Technical Mathematics, Building Presentative Maintenance.

Membership: Freelance Maintenance Association, French Club

Key Skills

  • Management
  • Communication skills
  • Supervision
  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Scheduling
  • Technical mathematics
  • Time management


  • The Student of The Year, 2013-2014
  • The Employee of The Month in University of Dean, 2018


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

How To Write A Resume For Maintenance?

As with writing a resume in general, you must pay attention to several important things. The better the visuals and content of the resume, the more interested the recruiter will be. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when writing a resume:

What Should Be Included On A Resume For Maintenance?

To make a classy resume, you must pay attention to some important elements. Here are some relevant aspects that you must include on your resume:

  • Write your personal information
  • Highlight your skills and experiences
  • Write the job descriptions
  • Highlight your education
  • Include your certifications and awards

What Are The Duties of Maintenance?

A maintenance worker has several important tasks. You’ll need to study this carefully to make a resume that fits. We know that there are several kinds of maintenance field, but generally, the duties are as follow:

  • The performing routine site and equipment inspections.
  • Repairing all equipment, machines, and various structures as needed.
  • Supervising contractors professionally as needed.
  • Performing basic maintenance.

What Are The Best Skills For Maintenance Workers?

Here are the best skills for maintenance that you must consider:

  • Attention to detail
  • Physical ability
  • Advanced skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Problem-solving skills

Kind of Maintenance Resume Sample

We have several great resume templates that can be your inspiration. By using these templates, it’s possible to create a well-designed resume:

Maintenance Apartment Resume

The first resume template that you can choose is the maintenance of the resume template. This design has an elegant and classy visual, you can use this template for a memorable result. However, this format will give you more chances to be accepted.

Maintenance Electrical Resume

There are several aspects that you should consider before creating a resume. Some of them are qualifications, skills, and several other relevant matters. Use this resume to produce a classy template.

Maintenance Editable Resume

Write down a few things that are relevant for a great resume. Enter the relevant experience to your liking, make sure you edit it as needed. Take a look at some of the key aspects of it to produce a professional-looking resume.

Maintenance Simple Resume

If you intend to make a cool resume, then this template is the best. Make sure to write down a few key points before finally putting together a resume. It’s guaranteed that recruiters will love your resume.

Maintenance Hotel Resume

This template has a classy look with elements that stand out. If you want to apply for a position in hotel maintenance, then you can use this template to produce a quality and professional resume.

Maintenance Property Resume

Nothing is impossible if you want to do well. This template has a clean yet neat design, you only need to add a few columns to show your qualifications and experience.

Maintenance Worker Resume

This design comes in an elegant and modern resume. Not only about the attractive color, but you can style several things such as summary, qualifications, job descriptions, and other mandatory things.

Industrial Maintenance Resume

The next template has a simple but elegant look. You can add a few essentials to produce a classy resume. Make sure to create a strong resume by using this template. Note that you have to add some important aspects to make a perfect design.

Maintenance Technician Resume

Start reading the job descriptions and qualifications required by the prospective employer. That way, you can write the resume that the employer hopes for by applying this design.

Maintenance Manager Resume

If you’re looking to apply for a position as a maintenance manager, then this resume template is the best sample. Show that you are a professional and qualified person by writing some relevant things. There are also some columns that you can customize based on your need.



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