5+ Electrical Engineering Resume


Electrical Engineering Resume

Compiling a resume requires good skills, in addition to being thorough, you must also be able to enter the right elements. A good resume contains several aspects such as specializations, education, degrees, skills, and a few other things that you have. One of the most sought-after jobs is in the electricity sector. You have to make it perfect to attract the attention of the recruiter. We have several electrical engineering resume templates that you can easily try.

On your resume, you also need to include some of the electrical engineering resume experiences you have ever had. It doesn’t have to be a big experience if you are still a beginner, you can include your experiences when you are interning or volunteering.

Electrical Engineering Resume

No need to worry if you still confuse to start your resume, you can pay attention to our practice sample below before writing your resume:

Dave Wright

Personal Info

Phone: (444)-332-223-222

Email: dave_wright@gmail.com


A bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (3.7/4.0) with in-depth electrical skills for 5+ years. To obtain an electrical engineering position with Dante Electricals; brings skills in installing and repairing electrical components, programming, active learners, and making the right decision.


1) Neth Group

Freelance Engineer


  • Upgrading electrical system instruments and facilities for industrial use.
  • Discussing the technical projects with seniors.
  • Performing detailed calculations to establish construction specifications.

2) Delta Electrical Group

Electrical Engineer


  • Providing guidance and training 20+ employees in the electrical sector.
  • Making manual sketches to meet industrial needs.
  • Conferring with customers about electrical projects.
  • Ensuring that the operation is following the requirements.


BS in Electrical Engineering

Texas Tech


GPA: 3.6 / 4.0

Relevant Coursework: Audio-Visual Processing, Calculus, Analytic Geometry, Signals, and Systems.

Membership: Japanese Club, Den Organization


  • Certificate in Electrical / Mechanical, 2017

Key Skills

  • Numerical
  • Creative thinking
  • Communication
  • Basic circuit knowledge
  • Problem-solving
  • Linux
  • Electrical Measurements


  • Student of The Year, 2012-2013
  • 2nd Winner of Nation Competition of Young Engineer in Garda Group, 2017


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

How To Write A Resume For An Electrical Engineering?

When writing a resume, make sure you pay attention to several aspects of it. By paying attention to the aspects in it, you will surely succeed in making a professional resume.

Consider a few things below to be able to compile a quality resume:

  • Open your resume with an appropriate summary and cover your qualifications well.
  • Focus on your relevant experience and skills.
  • Make sure that the abilities you write down match the qualifications required by the company.
  • Include language skills, certifications, or other supporting matters that are important.

What Are The Best Skills of An Electrical Engineer?

To make an appropriate resume, you must write down your skills in the resume. It is important to pay attention to the written qualifications that are announced by the recruiter. That way you will know what qualifications are needed.

However, the important skills of an electrical engineer are as follow:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Innovative
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Customer service
  • Communication skills
  • Linux
  • Computer skills
  • Circuit designing
  • Accuracy
  • Teamwork
  • Active learning

What Are The Duties of An Electrical Engineer?

Besides knowing the skills, you must also pay attention to the duties. Here are several duties of an electrical engineer that you must know:

  • Supervising the project team
  • Taking care of all electrical maintenance.
  • Purchasing electrical equipment and materials.
  • Establishing specifications and performing tests.
  • Discussing with clients about engineering projects.
  • Collecting data and writing reports about a project.
  • Conferring with engineers regarding product or process engineering.

How To Build A Good Summary?

Discussing a good summary, you must write it as perfectly as possible. Pay attention to several tips below to build a good objective:

  • Write down your education
  • Enter your GPA
  • Write down your work experiences with numbers
  • Include some of your qualifications that are relevant to the job

Kinds of Electrical Engineering Resume

To make it easier, we have provided some templates that you can adjust to writing your resume:

Simple Electrical Resume Sample

This template is suitable for you to choose if you want a simple format. You can include several important elements as needed.

Editable Electrical Resume Template

No need to bother editing to customize your resume, you can use this format for the perfect resume result. Whatever position you are applying for, whether beginner or experienced, you can use this easy to edit your resume.

Clean Electrical Resume Design

With a neat format, it’s impossible that a recruiter won’t be attracted to you. Edit a few things that are necessary to produce a great resume. Don’t forget to include your best formal photo.

Professional Electrical Resume Sample

Do you want to look like a professional? Then you must use this format. There are several aspects that you can include, such as experience and skills as required by corrections.

Electrical Resume For Fresher

If you are a beginner, you can use this resume format. You don’t have to put in too much experience, just write down any internships you have had.

Entry-level Electrical Resume Design

Next is a resume that is no less good for a beginner. Just use 1 sheet of resume because creases won’t have much time to read.

Diploma Electrical Resume Sample

Nothing is impossible if you are serious about writing a resume. Make sure to use the most appropriate resume template so that the results match your expectations.

Electrical Resume For Undergraduate

If you still haven’t graduated and want to apply for an internship, use this resume. The format is very clear and neat so it is good for you to use as the best template.

Electrical Resume Sample in PDF

PDF format is the best and the easiest. You can choose this resume template to make an application that’s both classy and easy to edit. Don’t forget to make corrections many times.

Internship Electrical Resume Design

An Apprenticeship experience is needed for those of you who want to gain experience as a beginner. Use this resume and wow recruiters.


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