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Civil Engineer Resume

A beautiful city, a good drainage system, and excellent urban planning are some of the masterpieces of a civil engineer. They are the ones who build a bridge, designing and constructing the infrastructure. It is no wonder if this position is considered one of the most high-paying jobs. If you are interested in this job, you should start making perfect preparation, including the civil engineer resume.

Sample of Civil Engineer Resume

Pavel Alkusovski

Personal info

Phone: (908)768-675-432

Email: pavel.alkusovski@gmail.com


Detail – and goal-oriented civil engineer with 4 years experience. Excelled at physics and math. Seeking to use proven project management and design skills for Nikola Group to improve the cost, time, and quality. At Hamburg Group, completed 6 $2 million+ projects. Succeeded to execute plan 15% under budget.

Working Experience

Civil Engineer

Hamburg Group


  • Managed 6 projects with 15% under the clients’ budget.
  • Completed the projects on time with cheaper expenses.
  • Found 4 flaws in ongoing projects so it was a good finding to prevent future failures.
  • Used the software AutoCAD and other sources to cut the budget lesser than the estimation.

Civil Engineer Internship

Samiyang Tech


  • Operated AutoCAD and created more than 20 structural designs.
  • Assisted the engineering lead for a construction job with a $2 million average budget.


Civil B.S. in Civil Engineering

The University of Kansas, 2014-2018

  • Excelled at Structural Performance
  • The AutoCAD project was featured in Construction Magazine

GPA: 3.6

Relevant Course: EPANET, STormCAD, HEC-HMS, and PRIMAVERA

Membership: Kansas Robotic

Key Skills

  • Physics
  • Math
  • AutoCAD
  • Structural design
  • Detail-oriented
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal
  • Leadership


Best Graduate of Kansas University, 2018


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

How To Write A Good Civil Engineering Resume?

Most candidates master the regular software and skills and some of them might be better than you. This is why you need a strategy to get noticed. Most good candidates often fail at the screening because they don’t write the resume properly. Do the following things instead:

  • Pick the right format. You can begin with choosing a good template. Some of them are available on this page.
  • Write a good summary or resume objective. Make it effective with your most valuable assets such as experience, skill, education, and your intention why work in the targeted company.
  • Describe the related experience
  • List down your education
  • Put related skills and make sure it suits the company’s requirements.
  • Write down the license if you have it in a different section
  • Additional information such as your language mastery, awards, etc.

What Is A Resume Headline?

A resume headline is a short narration that describes who you are. You explain the skills and things you want to achieve in the future. Besides, a resume headline must contain the relevant keywords so you can make a better impression.

How To Write An Achievement In The Resume?

It is easy! Just put your accomplishments on the work experience, objective, education or adding them in separate sections. This part can prove that you are a good and eligible candidate. So, don’t hesitate to mention some of them.

Kinds Of Civil Engineer Resume Templates

Now you can write a professional resume more effectively because of templates. Thanks to all designers who want to spend some time making excellent resume templates that can be download for free. Here are some of them.

Civil Engineer Resume Template

Simpler, easier and better! This template is one of the most favorite templates due to its simple design et not boring. This template has two main colors but it is not colorful, so it still looks professional and eye-catching.

Civil Project Engineer Resume Sample

Another interesting resume design is this template. If you are bored with the standard template, you probably want to play a little bit with the layout without losing its standard format. This template is a good one to download.

Civil Site Engineer Resume Example

Another example to try is this civil site engineer resume. You probably often wonder how to make a resume in standard format but still looks eye-catching. It is a matter of color and structurization. This template offers the best design and structure.

Civil Design Engineer Resume For Fresher

Some of you might want to get involved in urban planning design so you took a civil engineer major. This is a good start to make a change for your city and country. If you are interested in this position, this template can help you make a professional resume.

Civil Engineer Project Manager Resume

Editing a resume template is not difficult because you can edit them in various software. For example this template. You can edit it through MS. Word, Word Pad, or even Google Docs. Now writing a resume is very easy and simpler. This template is good to help!

Senior Civil Engineer CV Template

For you who are experienced in the civil engineer field, you must not want to miss any chance. Never make the same mistakes with lame resumes. This template good guidance and tool to help you create an excellent one.

CV for Civil Engineer Fresher

For fresh graduates, some of you might be confused with resume writing. This template can be your guidance because it provides you examples and editable features. Now you can edit and learn to make resumes directly from templates.

Civil Engineer Resume For Internship

As a part of studying, you must be required to go on an internship program. This template has an example and is designed for students who are planning on internships. If you are not sure about your resume, you probably want to download this template and see how a good resume should be.

That is all our short tips and a list of templates that you can download. Of course, in writing a resume, you should pay attention to some things like how you make the resume summary. This part is crucial in the resume section. Make sure to include the important information only. Another thing to consider is the keywords. Try to understand and highlight the keywords in the job listing and then match them with your requirements.


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