Territory Sales Manager Job Description – What To Note Before Applying


A territory sales manager has a job to monitor the sales activities that are placed in certain areas. Besides, the territory sales manager is also responsible for maintaining the employees and develop various strategies to meet the demand. For further detail about the territory sales manager job description, you can read the following summary.

The Duties In The Territory Sales Manager Job Description

A territory sales manager is assigned in various geographical areas to perform various duties as follow:

  • Managing the sales representative based on the assigned territory,
  • Making sure the selling target is achieved.
  • Conducting recruitment and dismissing based on their needs.
  • Identifying problems and demands that are not met,
  • Creating and submitting sales reports regularly.
  • Maintaining the relationship between customers using various programs while collecting data on customers’ needs.
  • Generating effort to meet the customer’s target by persuading the clients to purchase the services or products.
  • Analyzing to determine the most effective marketing strategies.
  • Generating various strategies to increase sales volume.
  • Conducting research and survey to gather data to get a better understanding of customers’ needs.
  • Attending various gathering, and company products and service shows.
  • Making sure the brand awareness target meets the expectations.
  • Motivating the sales representatives to reach the goals.
  • Evaluating the selling performances.
  • Observing the competition-related to the company’s niches.


Skills Needed In The Territory Sales Manager Job Description

To be successful in this field, a candidate is supposed to have various skills besides meeting the academic requirements. Generally, the skills needed for performing the territory sales manager job description are as follow:

  • Having a good proficiency in operating Microsoft Office such as MS Excell, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, etc.
  • Having am ability to work under pressure.
  • The capability of organizing team and others.
  • Having a leadership skill.
  • An excellent analytical thinking skill.
  • An excellent problem solving-skill.
  • Good interpersonal skills such as doing negotiation and conducting the consultation.
  • A good capability ineffective communication and customer service.

If you are planning to level up your career in this sector, you need to meet the criteria stated in the territory sales manager job description. You need to be at least from business management or business administration with a bachelor’s degree.

  • If you have already met the requirements we have mentioned above, you can start to write your resume. You also can take the ideas of objective statements below:
  • I am graduating from business administration. Knowing your company is looking for a new candidate, I would like to apply as a territory sales manager.
  • I have ever worked as a territory sales manager and I think I meet the requirements stated in your territory sales manager job description. Therefore, I would like to apply for this position.
  • It is a pride to work with many professional people in your company. I would like to join your company and grow together.

There are still many examples of objective statements you can take as an idea for your resume. We hope our summary of the territory sales manager job description helps you.

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