Information Technology Manager Job Description and FAQs

Information Technology (IT) manager is a person who has responsibilities to manage IT & computer system, control & evaluate IT & electronic data operation, and manages IT staff. This position is needed in different companies. So, it is very important to understand about the information technology manager job description. We will discuss it further below.

IT Manager Job Description Template

We are hiring an IT manager. And IT manager will be accountable for running our computer system smoothly in the limits of timelines, costs, specs, and requirements, IT manager will also supervise the maintenance & implementation of the computing needs in our company.

A successful candidate must have improved skills, detailed knowledge of best practice process of an industry, and a proven experience. Because there are many responsibilities to be done by an IT manager, the following job description template can be a useful reference.

Information Technology Manager Responsibilities

For the complete and detailed IT manager’s daily tasks and duties, let’s see the following list:

  • Managing IT & computer system
  • Planning, organizing, controlling, and evaluating IT & electronic data operation
  • Managing IT staff including to recruit, train, & coach employees, communicate job expectations, and also appraise their performances
  • Managing, developing, implementing, and coordinating systems, policies, & procedures
  • Ensuring data security, network access, & backup system
  • Acting in alignment with user required & system to contribute to the organizational policy
  • Identifying problematic areas & implementing strategic solutions
  • Auditing systems & assessing their outcomes
  • Preserving assets, info security, & control structures
  • Handling annual budget & ensuring cost effectiveness

Information Technology Manager Requirements

We require some qualifications for all the candidates who want to apply for this position. So, make sure that the candidates meet the following requirements:

  • Experience as an Information Technology manager or related experience
  • Good knowledge of IT management, computer software/hardware system, and IT analysis
  • Expertise in data governance and data center management
  • Experience with network installation, network administration, and computer networks
  • Ability to manage personnel’s
  • BS in MIS, Computer Science, or other related fields

Information Technology Manager FAQs

What does an IT manager do in a company?

An IT manager will have many daily tasks and duties to do. However, the main responsibility is to run computer system in the limit of costs, timelines, specs, and requirements. Another main duty is to supervise the implementation & maintenance of the computing needs of the company.

Can I edit the posted IT manager job description here?

Yes, you can. This job description template is not only downloadable but also editable. So, you can add or remove the details of job description to fit your needs. In fact, different companies may require different qualifications and give different responsibilities.

Do you have interview questions for an IT manager?

What we provide is not only the information technology manager job description but also some samples of interview questions. These interview questions will be very useful for recruiting an IT manager.


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